On September 16, join OzTREKK and Katelyn from PT Exam Prep as we go over—in detail—the process to return to Canada to practice as an Aussie-trained graduate!

Alexis Curtis always knew she wanted to be a physiotherapist. She had a degree in human kinetics and a passion to help others live their best possible life. At first, she was keen to do a semester exchange in Australia….

So, you’re interested in physio! Are you wondering where to start? What does physio in Australia look like? What are your options when you finish your degree? There’s so much to know!
Well, you won’t want to miss Physio Week June 15 – 19!

As a physiotherapy student, your clinical placements are likely what you will look forward to the most. This is your chance to put all your theoretical knowledge to the test, to see first-hand how this practice makes a difference in your patients’ lives!

We have an announcement. Drum roll, please! Monash University has opened a brand-new Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) program and applications for the 2–2020 intake (July 2020) are now open for our Canadian students!