The University of Melbourne

Master of Teaching



University Location Melbourne, Victoria
City Population 5.3 million
Student Population 54,000
Int'l Student Population 23,760
Main Campus Parkville (Melbourne)
Program Campus Parkville
Program Duration 1.5 – 2 years
Estimated Annual Tuition AUD$48,000 (2025 fees; subject to increase)
Semester Intake February
Next Available Intake 2025
Application Deadline No set deadline*


As one of Australia’s largest and most respected schools of education and training, the Melbourne Graduate School of Education is a global leader in teaching and education research, offering challenging courses, world-changing research, and contemporary learning spaces.

The Master of Teaching programs at the University of Melbourne are for graduates from any discipline who wish to become teachers.

The Melbourne Master of Teaching is unique. Its innovative curriculum brings together evidence-based theory with practical experience in a way that will give you powerful insights into children and young people, and how they learn.


Master of Teaching (Primary)

The Melbourne Master of Teaching (primary) program equips you to become a generalist teacher, with in-depth knowledge in literacy and numeracy. You will be prepared to teach in a wide array of curriculum and subject areas and have specialist knowledge in one learning area. This program comprises four semesters over two years.

The first three semesters focus on your development as a primary teacher, equipping you to teach across the curriculum and personalize learning to meet students’ individual needs. In the second year, you will choose to follow either the coursework or research pathway. You will also receive ongoing support both on campus and while on placement. As you learn, you will be supported by a mentor teacher and a clinical teaching specialist.

As a Master of Teaching Primary student, you will participate in 60 days of practical placements in a variety of locations.

Primary Learning Areas
Arts, health and physical education, humanities, languages, literacy, mathematics, science, and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

In the Melbourne Master of Teaching (Secondary), you will become an active member of a school in your first semester. This means you can connect what you learn at university with what you learn in the classroom. This program comprises four semesters over two years, but can be completed in 1.5 years by completing winter and summer intensive semesters.

Secondary Learning Areas
Accounting, biology, business management, chemistry, commerce and business studies, drama, economics, English, environmental science, geography, health, history, humanities, languages, legal studies, mathematics, media studies, music, physical education, physics, politics, psychology, general science, TESOL, visual art and design

Your first three semesters focus on teaching in learning areas, with a strong emphasis on clinical teaching practice and preparation for independent teaching. In your second year you will choose between a coursework option (which includes a capstone experience and electives) or a research pathway. The electives are designed to expand your professional knowledge in areas of interest and provide opportunities in national and international settings.

As a Master of Teaching Secondary student, you will participate in 63 days of practical placements in a variety of locations.

Clinical Teaching
Teaching is much more than information transmission and behaviour management. Excellent teachers focus on an individual student’s learning growth, and clinical teaching enables them to do this by

  • monitoring and evaluating their impact on learning and adapting the lesson to meet the needs of each student—rather than expecting the student to keep up regardless of their circumstances;
  • using evidence about what each student knows and understands at the start of the teaching period to inform their teaching interventions;
  • targeting their assessment and teaching practices to maximize the information obtained about their impact and optimize the chances of improving student learning;
  • constructing appropriate teaching and learning environments for every student, whatever their developmental stage and current abilities;
  • continuously evaluating the impact of their teaching to inform next steps.

Admission Requirements

1. Completed bachelor’s degree
You must have successfully completed a three-year undergraduate degree from a recognized university with a GPA of 2.5/4.0.

For the Master of Teaching (Primary), the University of Melbourne would also like to see that you have undertaken courses in different disciplines within your undergraduate degree, as primary teachers must have general knowledge in several different subjects.

For the Master of Teaching (Secondary), you must also meet the requirements for two learning areas (as listed above). The university is generally looking for four to five full credits in a first method and another three to four full credits in a second method. For example, if you would like English as your first teaching method and history as your second, you would be required to have completed five full credits in English and four full credits in history within your undergraduate degree.

2. Completed Teacher Capability Assessment Tool (TCAT)
TCAT is a web-based tool used by the University of Melbourne to help identify the optimal mix of knowledge and personal skills to become a successful teacher. It asks about previous experience and motivations to teach, and includes questions on literacy and numeracy skills, other abilities, and disposition. The TCAT comprises five modules, and each module may include a different number of open-response or multiple-choice items. The overall survey will take about 70–90 minutes to complete. Can only be taken once per intake and is valid for two years.

3. Literacy and Numeracy Test
Commonwealth Government has implemented this test for Initial Teacher Education Students to assess students’ personal literacy and numeracy skills. Students enrolling into the Master of Teaching must pass the Literacy and Numeracy test to progress to the end of the course.

Admission Timeline

*While there is no set application deadline, you are encouraged to apply at least 6 months prior to the program start date.