Interested in studying audiology? You have options! Australian universities are world-ranking institutions highly respected in the field of audiology. Enjoy a career in a growing discipline in the health sciences that deals with the study, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of the auditory system of the human body.

Studying Audiology in Australia

Audiology, as a clinical profession, uses applied science to develop and perform precision tests that locate the specific range and frequency of hearing loss, information necessary for implementing an effective recovery strategy. Additionally, audiology identifies and treats dysfunctions of the vestibular system, which can affect one’s balance and spatial orientation.

There are very few Canadian universities that offer a Master of Audiology, and only three audiology schools are taught solely as an English-language program. Consequently, competitive admissions arising from so few spots have made Australian schools an attractive option for Canadians who wish to learn the requisite clinical skills to practice audiology.

Australian universities offering graduate-entry study in audiology design their programs to operate along two fronts: On the first, students are taught the scientific and theoretical knowledge of audiology as a branch of the health sciences; on the second front students develop the fundamental skills and techniques dedicated to the practice of audiology as a clinical profession.

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How to Apply to Audiology Schools in Australia

The process of applying to an Australian audiology school can feel both simple and confusing at the same time. That’s why we’re here. Our goal is to have the best prepared students ready for a first-class educational experience in Australia and New Zealand—and we take that to heart.

When you’re considering audiology school in Australia, you may have questions about

  • your eligibility;
  • the application;
  • how (and where) to submit your documents; and
  • what we do with your application.

We’ve got you covered. Head on over to our how to apply to audiology school in Australia page where you’ll find info about what to expect!

Practicing Audiology in Canada

Upon graduation, you are eligible to apply to become an audiologist in Canada. For a detailed overview of the certification process, please visit Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC).

It is imperative that you understand the requirements and procedures associated with entering the audiology profession in Canada. It is your responsibility to meet the necessary requirements to become a member of the regulatory body in your province, if necessary. Currently in Canada, eight provinces require mandatory registration with a regulatory body.

For more details, visit our Practicing Audiology in Canada page.


“Like the course work and structure of the program”

[I like the] facilities and services on campus. Beautiful location. Like the course work and structure of the program.

Sabeena C
Master of Audiology
Flinders University, 2023

“… you really get to know your profs and the upper years”

I love it. UQ is a great school, great location and a beautiful campus. My program is great because the size is so small, you really get to know your profs and the upper years. Everyone is very approachable and are happy to help. 

Marlee R
Master of Audiology Studies
The University of Queensland, 2015

“The people are so friendly and accommodating”

The people are so friendly and accommodating. The weather is AMAZING I am in love with my program.

Tyler H
Master of Audiology Studies
The University of Queensland, 2014