Griffith University

Gold Coast, Queensland


University Location Gold Coast, Queensland
Address Parklands Drive, Southport, Queensland 4215, Australia
Main Campus Gold Coast
City Population 630,000
Student Population 55,000
Int'l Student Population 8,500
Semester 1 Start January/February
Semester 2 Start July
Semester 3 Start October


Griffith University believes in the potential for all people to become remarkable. It’s a word awarded to those who make a difference, those who capture opportunity and challenge themselves along the way.

Ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide, Griffith has grown to be a large, multi-campus institution with internationally recognized strengths in teaching and research. Griffith offers more than 300 degrees across five campuses and is home to more than 50,000 students from 130 countries. Griffith is Australia’s ninth-largest higher education provider.

Griffith University is committed to helping international students make the most of their time in Australia by providing quality education, guidance and support.

Why Study Here?

Students at Griffith learn from degrees informed by world-class research and industry connections. You will learn in and out of the classroom, with teaching methods tailored to suit the needs of each degree. Depending on your degree, you might learn through work placements, overseas field trips, industry projects for real clients, or laboratory studies in Griffith’s state-of-the-art facilities.

With more than $320-million worth of upgrades to Griffith’s campuses across Brisbane, Logan, and the Gold Coast being rolled out over the next few years, you will study in an exciting and progressive environment.

You’ll learn in new teaching spaces that have been designed to inspire creativity, promote collaboration and encourage innovation. You’ll also enjoy a great campus lifestyle, with access to a range of new sporting facilities and student experiences! One of the university’s new campus developments includes the $150-million Griffith Health Centre, extended Library and Learning Commons and new Griffith Business School building at the Gold Coast.

Some popular Griffith University programs for Canadian students include dentistry, medicine, law, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, nursing, public health, and teaching.

Location Details

Life at university is about more than just study. International students choose Queensland not only for the quality education, but for its superb subtropical climate, welcoming environment and mixture of natural wonders and vibrant city life. Spanning three major cities in Queensland (Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane), Griffith’s campuses are perfectly situated with immediate access to some of the best shopping, multicultural dining and entertainment precincts in Australia.

Griffith’s Campuses

  • Gold Coast campus
  • Logan campus
  • Mount Gravatt campus
  • Nathan campus
  • South Bank campus
  • Digital (online) campus

Gold Coast Campus
Most Canadian students will study at the beautiful Gold Coast campus. Blessed with year-round sunshine, renowned beaches and a vibrant mix of shopping, theme parks, natural attractions and events, it is no wonder the Gold Coast attracts more than 12 million visitors each year. The stunning climate, excellent quality of life and friendly people make the Gold Coast a perfect Australian city to live and study. Griffith students spend countless evenings and free weekends exploring the local community, while discovering the Gold Coast’s natural beauty.

With more than 18,000 students, Griffith’s Gold Coast campus boasts a range of state-of-the-art facilities and offers teaching and research in almost all disciplines. Located just minutes from the Gold Coast’s world-famous beaches, the campus offers a dynamic and exciting student lifestyle, with extensive sporting amenities, handy on-campus services and a range of cafés and restaurants.

The Gold Coast boasts more than 300 days of sunshine per year and average temperatures in summer range from 20°C to 28°C and 11°C to 21°C in the winter.


“Emphasis on mental health is very important”

I like the facilities and the teachers who actually do care about their students. Emphasis on mental health is very important and is actually followed through on. Class size and course material are great. The instructors so far that I have had have been great. The teaching method going forward at Griffith for Med is changing from small group to large group sessions which would affect how people learn.

Lauren C
Doctor of Medicine
Griffith University, 2023

“Prepare to grow as a person”

[I like the] campus and its services, location of the campus. Everything is great! I would say in some cases, the instructors could be really hard markers. Class size is great! depending on class taken some course material is overwhelming. Prepare to grow as a person while studying, getting comfortable with the discomforts of life (social and personal aspects)

Elnaz P
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
Griffith University, 2022

“[I like the] support from educators”

[I like the] support from educators, clinical opportunities, class size, and getting to meet people from different backgrounds.

Brynn T
Master of Speech Pathology
Griffith University, 2022

“The campus is just really beautiful.”

The campus is just really beautiful. It's a drastic difference from back home in Calgary, because here it's all open and there's tons of greenery around. There's also tons of sports facilities everywhere, like a huge track, multiple basketball courts, tennis nets, etc. and they're all outdoors. The liveliness of it all just makes the degree I'm pursuing much more bearable. I don't like how small the cohort is, because it's everyone knows everyone and you're around the same grou... Read More

Aleena N
Bachelor of Dental Health Science / Master of Dentistry
Griffith University, 2022

“Griffith structures the learning directly towards clinical practice, right from day 1”

Griffith takes a more holistic approach to medicine and structures the learning directly towards clinical practice, right from day 1. In addition, Griffith combines ethics, stats, and law right in with the medical sciences, which helps us approach cases and patients with a broader understanding.

Doctor of Medicine
Griffith University, 2020

“I’m so glad I made the decision”

I never imagined I'd have the courage to move to a new country and study law but I'm so glad I made the decision. I've learned a lot about myself and grown as a person. The staff is very helpful. Reach out to the Griffith Canadian law students association for additional advice and to guide you when you arrive/throughout your studies. It has worked wonders for me.

Abdullah K
Bachelor of Laws (graduate entry)
Griffith University, 2019

“… love the program”

The location is amazing and so is the program. love the program bc it recognizes credits from Canadian uni's

Bachelor of Dental Health Science / Master of Dentistry
Griffith University, 2019

“Griffith has a great med program”

I have really nothing but good things to say about the program so far. Griffith has a great med program and the difference from other schools is becoming more apparent (we have the biggest/best funded cadaver/specimen lab in the country, there is a big emphasis on clinical application of knowledge like x-ray interpretation and clinical reasoning from day one). I think I made the right choice coming here. The facili... Read More

Bryce D
Doctor of Medicine
Griffith University, 2019

“My mind is blown”

Griffith is an amazingly supportive university. My mind is blown. Can't say I've experienced this type of accommodation elsewhere (and totally unexpected).

Tyler J
Griffith University, 2019

“It is very obvious that Griffith really cares about their students.”

Griffith is super supportive of their students. We have had 11 sessions on studying smart, making sure we know who to go to for help, the various resources and support systems on available to us. In almost every one of our intro lectures, each instructor encourages us to send feedback. From my experience in school this genuine invitation for feedback is almost unheard of. It is very obvious that Griffith really cares about their students. It's also more obvious that Griffith... Read More

Imran B
Griffith University, 2019

“…has a strong reputation for its graduates being better skilled…”

Griffith puts a huge focus on communication skills with patients, and has a strong reputation for its graduates being better skilled in that regard.

Christopher Jordan K.
Griffith University, 2018

“My dental program provides state of the art facilities and the professors have been very helpful through the transition.”

I love my University and program; I love having the balance of studying and fun in the Gold Coast. My dental program provides state of the art facilities and the professors have been very helpful through the transition. I also got credited for many courses which saved me a lot of time and money.

Fatima E.
Griffith University, 2018