Practicing as a chiropractor


Important: The information on this page is intended to provide you with the basics of the credentialing process. It is your responsibility to contact your provincial regulatory body to ensure you are familiar with the process to return. While we review this content on an annual basis, it is subject to change at any time. Please ensure you review all information provided by the regulatory bodies for the most up-to-date information. OzTREKK is not responsible for your credentialing process.​

The Master of Chiropractic degree granted by Macquarie University is the only graduate chiropractic program offered in Australia. It’s been accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia (CCEA), a member of the Councils on Chiropractic Education International (CCEI), making it recognized by the Canadian Chiropractic Examination Board (CCEB) for the purposes of seeking to practice chiropractic in Canada.

Students wishing to gain qualifications leading to professional registration as a chiropractor in Canada must undertake a recognized program of study of not less than 4,500 hours. Macquarie’s program structure involves completion of the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and completion of the Master of Chiropractic. Combined, these two degrees taken more than five years and are equivalent to the Doctor of Chiropractic offered at other institutions; therefore, graduates will be eligible to write the board’s licensing exam, which is required in order to be granted a licence to practice in Canada. Students undertake 12 months of clinical practice at one of the university’s three chiropractic clinics prior to graduation.

Practicing in Canada

Step #1 Complete Education
Complete a graduate chiropractic program at least 4,500 hours in length approved by a CCEI member council to be considered equivalent to a Doctor of Chiropractic degree

Step #2 Canadian Chiropractic Examination Board (CCEB) Certificate 
Obtain a CCEB Certificate by completing the following three exams:

  • Component A – Chiropractic Knowledge
  • Component B – Clinical Decision Making
  • Component C – Clinical Skills Demonstration

Students typically complete the first two components in Sydney prior to graduation, and the third is taken once you’re back in Canada.

Step #3 Provincial Registration
Provide your CCEB Certificate to the regulatory board for the province you intend to practice to become licensed:


What are official transcripts, and how do I send them?

Currently, our Australian universities require original transcripts in order to assess your application—certified by OzTREKK, which means we have to put our stamp on paper. Literally.

Usually, students order transcripts from their high school, college and/or university and have them mailed to our office. Alternatively, you can pick up your transcripts and mail them to OzTREKK, as long as they remain in their original, sealed envelopes.

You will need to submit final transcripts (showing your degree/diploma is completed) from every institution you have attended. We only require one copy of each transcript, even if you apply to multiple universities or programs.

OzTREKK educational services
301-1 Sherbrooke ST E
Perth, ON K7H 1A1 CANADA

Alternatively, your high school, college and/or university can email them to

P.S. Try sending your documents via FedEx and Purolator, especially when you need your documents to arrive at our office ASAP. If you use Canada Post’s courier Xpresspost, please don’t request a signature, as this can add unexpected delays!

As  soon as your transcript arrives, we’ll let you know!

What’s the difference between a Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Chiropractic?

Students who are graduating from high school or with some college/university studies can apply to the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science as a pathway into the Master of Chiropractic. Students who complete the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science pathway are granted credit and can complete the Master of Chiropractic program in 2 years.

Macquarie’s Master of Chiropractic degree is comparable to Doctor of Chiropractic programs in Canada and in the United States. The added bonus for Canadian students is the transferability of the Australian Master of Chiropractic degree for those who wish to return home to practice in Canada.

Additionally, Macquarie University has competitive international student tuition fees in comparison to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College’s program fees.

What is the application deadline?

Applications are assessed on a rolling-admissions basis (first come, first served). Most OzTREKK students begin their applications in the spring for the following February start date.

What are the average marks for entry into the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science?

You must have a high school high school diploma with Grade 12 English and a minimum GPA of 75% to be competitive. The following subjects are recommended: mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics at the high school level.

Most eligible candidates have an overall average of approximately 75% or higher. Keep in mind entry is competitive and meeting minimum GPA requirements do not guarantee entry.

Your degree is more than 10 years old

Macquarie University will only accept applications for the Master of Chiropractic from students who have studied within the last 10 years. They have found that those students who are even nearing the 10-year mark since previous studies find it more difficult to assimilate back into full-time study and refresh the foundational material independently and simultaneously.

1. Apply to the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
If your studies are close to or older than 10 years, Macquarie University recommends you apply to the 5-year Bachelor of Chiropractic Science pathway to Master of Chiropractic program. Students who complete the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science pathway are granted credit and can complete the Master of Chiropractic program in 2 years.

You don’t meet the required chiropractic prerequisites

Macquarie University’s Master of Chiropractic program requires candidates to have completed specific undergraduate subjects.

1. Enroll in the missing prerequisite(s)
Macquarie University will let students take non-award courses to make up the prerequisites they are missing. This means you can submit your application with your interim transcript and proof of enrollment in the prerequisite course. Before enrolling in any prerequisite course, we advise checking with either your admissions officer or the university to make sure the course will satisfy the prerequisite.

If you haven’t completed the prerequisite course by the time offers are issued, the university may issue a conditional offer.

Where can I practice as a graduate of Macquarie’s chiropractic degree?

Graduates of the Macquarie University Master of Chiropractic program can become accredited in Australasia, North America, and Europe upon completing the requisite board exams. Watch a webinar about studying chiropractic.

What are course outlines and how should I submit them to OzTREKK?

A course outline includes all the necessary information about a university course. It will include the course title, the year, the learning goals, the professor’s contact information, reading materials and most important, a weekly learning schedule. This will help the universities to see what you studied on a week-to-week basis and assess if you have covered the material they expect you to know.

  • Year and semester date
  • Faculty contact information
  • Course description
  • Hours of study
  • Textbook information
  • Detailed list of topics that are covered in the course; usually found in a detailed lecture schedule or list of chapter readings

Please note, one-paragraph course descriptions will not suffice. The university would like to see course outlines like those handed out at the beginning of the semester, which outline all topics covered within the course. If you do not have copies of these on hand, contact the faculty from which you undertook these courses, as they usually have copies on file.

These course outlines must be attached to the email in PDF format (do not send PDF links) and labelled in the following manner:

CAPS 391 Human Anatomy I UBC F2015 (COURSE CODE)(Name of Course)(University)(Semester & Year)

When you do this, it helps us be more efficient and move your application(s) at lightning speed.

What if my transcripts / documents are not in English?

If your documents are not in English, you must provide full translation of each document, either prepared by your university or by a registered translator. You must not translate the documents yourself.

Please note OzTREKK must receive the official translation directly from the university or translator in order to certify the document.

What is the competitive GPA?

A cGPA of 75% or higher is considered competitive for OzTREKK’s listed chiropractic programs. If you have lower than 70% cGPA, we would not recommend applying.