The University of Sydney

Sydney, New South Wales


University Location Sydney, New South Wales
Address Camperdown NSW 2006, Australia
Main Campus Camperdown / Darlington
City Population 5 million
Student Population 65,000
Int'l Student Population 10,600
Semester 1 Start March
Semester 2 Start July


The University of Sydney is one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious universities. Established in 1850, it is Australia’s first university, and ranks in the top 50 universities in the world and among the top three in Australia.

Located in one of Australia’s most dynamic, exciting and culturally diverse cities, the university’s heritage-listed, sandstone buildings stand side by side with ultra-modern sophisticated buildings on main campus. The Camperdown/Darlington main campus is conveniently situated within close proximity to the city’s central business district and also to Sydney’s world-renowned, stunning ocean beaches.

Sydney Uni’s academic and teaching resources include Australia’s largest university library and state-of-the-art technical, computing, and research facilities. Sydney also offers the widest range of research programs in Australia and is one of the top recipients of Australian government research funding.

Why Study Here?

Canadians interested in studying abroad favour the University of Sydney above many other universities because of its international reputation and commitment to teaching excellence. With the largest endowment of all Australian universities, $1.3 billion AUD, the University of Sydney has technologically advanced facilities and a world-renowned staff, as well as more than 200 student union organizations and 43 sporting clubs!

Some popular University of Sydney programs for Canadian students include medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, law, occupational therapy, pharmacy, speech pathologynursing, public health, and teaching.

Location Details

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and is found in the southeastern shores of Australia on the Tasman Sea. The city has become famous for its beautiful waterfront, Sydney Harbour, which include Sydney’s main tourist attractions, the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Campuses
The University of Sydney’s main area of operation in the city is its Camperdown/Darlington campus, located about 5 km from Darling Harbour and Sydney Cove. Buses run everywhere, but a 45-minute walk to the harbour can feature a stop at the Haymarket District or grabbing some great dim sum in Chinatown! Sydney offers you the culture and excitement of a modern city while the local University Student Union, pubs and coffee shops provide the sense of community not found off campus.

The University of Sydney has a network of teaching campuses. Some studies or placements are undertaken outside the main campus, such as Sydney Uni’s rehabilitation science programs (Cumberland campus in Lidcombe), dentistry (Surry Hills campus) and vet science (Camden campus outside Sydney).

Sydney makes good use of a climate that never feels a day below freezing and boasts a temperate maritime climate that averages annually from 12°C to 23°C. With such great weather, Sydneysiders have their choice of activities that includes walking the harbour front or lying on the grass at the Royal Botanic Gardens, one of the many large parks in the city.


“I get a lot of clinical experience.”

Right into the hospital ASAP. I get a lot of clinical experience. Additionally, there are many different learning activities so I rarely get tired of any. For example, the pathology labs, the team-based learning classes, clinical days, anatomy labs, lectures, and seminars.

University of Sydney Barry B.
The University of Sydney, 2018

“I absolutely love the amount of practical experiences…”

I absolutely love the amount of practical experiences in all the various disciplines that are provided to us. However, the program is highly disorganized in terms of lectures and scheduling.

University of Sydney Mabel
The University of Sydney, 2018

“Overall I am very satisfied with my choice to come here, and would highly recommend other Canadian students do the same.”

The campus is beautiful and very nicely located in Sydney, but we aren't actually there much at all after 1st semester. The program curriculum is great and very hands-on from very early on, but is fairly disorganized at times, particularly in the Medicine-heavy first semester. Sometimes it feels like we are not kept in the loop as well as we could be, but it is also a graduate program and therefore it is somewhat expected that we should have the skills necessary to dig around o... Read More

University of Sydney Daniel P.
The University of Sydney, 2018

“World class lecturers teaching challenging material is very cool and rewarding.”

Pros: large university with a very active campus so there is always something going on within the med program and beyond. World class lecturers teaching challenging material is very cool and rewarding. The anatomy labs and cadavers are an amazing tool to study anatomy and the staff is incredible. Cons: Organization of the lecture material sometimes seems thrown together without much thought so flow throughout a block of study can be a bit scattered.

University of Sydney Tyrel C.
The University of Sydney, 2018

“I like how hands on and practical it is…”

I like how hands on and practical it is from the first weeks of the program and the variety of learning environments offered through the program. The campus is quite large and busy, and there aren't any devoted spaces for medical students to study or congregate on the main campus outside of lectures. There is a graduate library, but it is small and fills with people in other programs near the ends of their semesters.

University of Sydney Hayden S.
The University of Sydney, 2018

“Definitely a challenging course but worthwhile.”

The Sydney medical program can be a bit disorganized, but it is very hands on and you are expected to learn things quite fast. Definitely a challenging course but worthwhile.

University of Sydney Cynthia C.
The University of Sydney, 2018

“…I like how there are several options in scheduling our weekly tutorials…”

I like how organized the system they use to give us material to learn on our own and I like how there are several options in scheduling our weekly tutorials I dislike the campus that we are at, the cumberland campus does not compare to the main campus in camperdown. the facilities are kept a lot cleaner, the libraries are open later and there are many food options on the camperdown campus. Aside from the cafeteria on cumberland campus there are no other food options and the the cafeteria closes around 3:30pm

University of Sydney Brendan Y.
The University of Sydney, 2018

“We have a close relationship with some of the staff, especially at our clinical schools.”

The University of Sydney is a well-renowened university and the campus is very nice and walkable. The students are well-supported by staff. We have a close relationship with some of the staff, especially at our clinical schools. Despite being away from home, I always feel like someone is looking out for me.

University of Sydney Justine Moreno E.
The University of Sydney, 2018

“The clinical days are extremely useful learning opportunities.”

The University is huge, well established and with some very supportive and experienced faculty. Some aspects of the program are disorganised. Time tables change often depending on the block of study and this ends up keeping us on our toes regarding how to study each block. This is especially true when lectures get switched around in an order where more complex topics end up being covered before the intro lectures. The clinical days are extremely useful learning opportunities. O... Read More

University of Sydney Advait P.
The University of Sydney, 2018