Student Stories: Why Canadians Should Study Physiotherapy in Australia

12 August 2022

Why should Canadians study physiotherapy in Australia?

physiotherapy student
Mariko, a University of Sydney physiotherapy student 

Meet students Mariko and Nich, who have kindly agreed to highlight some of the reasons why they moved from Canada to the University of Sydney to study physio!

Evidence-based Practice
Evidence based practice is at the core of most Australian physiotherapy programs. This means that as a student you’re learning the latest, safest, and most effective techniques and practices as evidenced by clinical research.

It’s an increasingly common practice worldwide, but some of the leading physiotherapists in the discipline, like Peter O’Sullivan and Jerry Powell, have helped to lead the growth in evidence-based practice from Australia.

Clinical Placements
Both Mariko and Nich have practiced as kinesiologists in Canada. They love working with people and helping patients live healthier lives. Most Australian physiotherapy programs include close to 1000 hours, if not more, of clinical experience over the entire duration of the program, so you’ll get lots of hands-on training.

Post-Graduate Employment Options
By completing a physiotherapy degree in Australia, you can practice in Australia, Canada, or the United States after you graduate. To practice in Canada you will have to complete physiotherapy licensing requirements like an exam and credentials assessment with the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators. Many students successfully complete this step in and are now part of top-notch physio practices in Canada—including OzTREKK students!

You’ll be living in one of the most beautiful, diverse countries in the world. Surfing at the beach, snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in the rainforest, eating incredible food, catching concerts and sporting matches—there’s really no shortage of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Would you like to know more about studying physiotherapy? Contact OzTREKK’s rehab sciences admissions officer at for more info. We’ll walk you through the whole process!

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