GPA Conversions


GPAs in Australia are simple. They are standardized, they are common, and they mean the same thing to everyone.

GPAs in North America? Not so much. In Canada we have 4.0, 4.3, 4.33, 9, 10, 13, letter grades and percentages. There may be more.

We always try to be honest with our students—even if the news isn’t good. Discussing GPA calculations is one area ripe with confusion. We have distilled some of the most common Canadian GPA scales to their corresponding Australian GPA grade.


Translating GPAs

Important to Remember

  • This is intended as a rough guide to assist you to gauge your eligibility for a specific program.
  • Distilling all GPAs into one chart—without a hundred asterisks—is not an exact science (a 4.0 from one university can differ from a 4.0 from another), which is why there are ranges on the chart.
  • If you are clearly below being eligible (or competitive, depending on the program), you should not apply; if you are close, we recommend submitting your application to the university for their assessment.
  • Our universities do not share their GPA calculations with applicants.
  • Download a copy of the chart.
GPA 4.0  GPA 7.0  Percentage Letter Grade
4 7 90 – 100 A+
3.9 6.9 85 – 89 A
3.7 6.5 80 – 84 A-
3.3 6 77 – 79 B+
3 5.5 73 – 76 B
2.7 5 70 – 72 B-
2.3 4.5 67 – 69 C+
2 4 63 – 66 C


OMSAS – Undergraduate Grade Conversion Table

How OzTREKK Helps

We review transcripts (and thousands of them every year) and we will ensure that your applications are, at minimum, eligible and, in most cases, competitive. Once we determine that you are eligible or competitive for a program, the responsibility shifts to our university partners. We do not want to be off by even a fraction of a point and provide you incorrect advice. We take that very seriously.

Please note, OzTREKK does not calculate or share detailed GPA assessments—that’s the role of the universities’ admissions offices.