Learn more about studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at an Australian university.

Studying STEM in Australia

Whether you plan to become a leading geophysicist, a marine biologist or if you just love science—there is a degree for you. With more than 40 science majors to choose from, Australia has you covered.

Australia’s unique climate and habitat, along with world-renowned instructors and field experts, offer study opportunities that prepare students to excel in many different fields. You can pursue an undergraduate degree straight from high school, participate in scientific research, and commence post-graduate study options to take your degree one step further.

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Australian STEM Study Areas

Unique Program Options

Combined degree programs (also called a double degree) offer opportunities for a greater depth and breadth of study, where you can choose more than one major and explore the world of STEM from various angles.

Several universities provide the option to complete your program on an accelerated schedule, allowing you to fast-track your studies and culminate your program in a shorter time period.

In addition, double degree programs provide the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s and a master’s in as little as 4 years.

Health Science and Biomedicine
Agriculture and Environmental Science
Marine Biology
Exercise & Sports Science
& More

Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Security
Data Science/ Computer Science/ IT
Nano Technology



Duration &
Start Dates

Undergraduate Degrees

In Australia, the standard bachelor degree is 3 years in length. Some universities offer an accelerated structure which can be completed in 2 years and 8 months.

Some programs may offer an honours program which is an additional year of intensive study that students with a superior academic record may undertake upon completion of their undergraduate degree. Typically, an honours year includes some sort of research component.


Graduate Degrees

Graduate studies at the master’s or doctorate level range from 1 to 4 years in length, depending on the degree and specialty.


Australian Study Timeline

Being in the southern hemisphere, the Australian school year is different from here in Canada. The regular school year typically runs from February to November, with summer break falling from November to February.

Common Start Dates

  • Semester 1: February/March
  • Semester 2: June/July/August
  • Semester 3: October/November only offered at some universities.

Common Application Deadlines

  • Semester 1: October – November
  • Semester 2: March – May
  • Semester 3: August – October (only offered at some universities)

Regardless of the start date, we recommended that you start your application(s) at least 6 months before the deadline.

Undergraduate STEM Degrees

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Graduate STEM Degrees

Learn more about graduate STEM programs offered by our universities:

Practicing in Canada

An Australian STEM degree gives you the option of pursuing careers worldwide, including back home in Canada!

Please note that professional designations in certain fields such as engineering and psychology require additional training and must be verified by the regulatory body in your Canadian province/territory.


“… feeling challenged and fulfilled by the rigorous curriculum”

I ultimately chose to attend James Cook University, in their Bachelor of Advanced Science program majoring in Marine Biology, having been awarded a 100% Vice Chancellor's International Scholarship. I am now settled into JCU, feeling challenged and fulfilled by the rigorous curriculum, inspiring professors, experiential labs and having the Great Barrier Reef as my classroom! I am loving residential life at Burralga Yumba, going on adventures with the JCU Dive Club, and enjoying fun with new international friends in Townsville!

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