Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are sought when a disability, injury, illness or other problem limits someone’s abilities to care for himself, participate in work, or just enjoy regular leisure time or hobbies. These skills and regular activities are so important to us as people that they often describe how we view ourselves—we identify with our jobs and activities.

OverviewOccupational therapy

Occupational therapists work with their clients to overcome barriers that may be preventing them from participating more fully in life. This might involve teaching alternative techniques to achieve a given task, or facilitating improvement of skills. Occupational therapists collaborate with family and carers where needed, and typically work in teams with other health professionals.

OTs have a variety of career opportunities ranging from work in hospitals to rehabilitation units to school, and from workplace health and safety units to psychiatric clinics to research institutions.

Licensing Practicing in Canada

Canadian students who wish to practice as an occupational therapist upon their return to Canada should visit the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists website for accreditation and certification information. Visit our Related FAQ section further down on this page for more information.