Public Health

What is public health? From health promotion to disease prevention, there's a growing international demand for public health professionals. Find out how you can make a difference.

Studying public health

From health promotion to disease prevention, there’s a growing international demand for public health professionals in both the government non-profit and private sectors. Canadian students are answering that call. Many students across the country have showcased an increased interest in the postgraduate public health field, especially since the degrees offer a wide range of career options following graduation.

Studying in this field as an international student gives Canadians an understanding of the public health realm on an international scale, making Australia a top choice for Canadians. OzTREKK’s university partners offer several public health degrees, including master’s programs in public health, international public health, and epidemiology.

Career Opportunities
Graduates may move into careers in a range of areas within the health sector. These may include professional practice, research, public health management, management positions within health care facilities, international positions with aid organizations or within developing countries.

Graduates of MPH programs are usually employed within the governmental public health system at the local/regional, provincial/territorial, national or international level. They may also be employed by the non-governmental sector.

Practicing in Canada

There are no accreditation or licensing processes in place for public health in Canada like there are in the United States; therefore, there is no need to register with an accrediting body in Canada or complete any further schooling in order to have your credentials recognized. Your main goal will be to highlight to Canadian employers how your international experience studying public health will be an asset to their organization if they hire you.