About Us

For more than 15 years, we have assisted thousands of students to pursue their dreams of furthering their education through study in Australia.

What we do

OzTREKK is based in Perth, Ontario, midway between Ottawa and Toronto. We also have staff in Vancouver, Toronto, and Halifax.

We travel across Canada to meet our students and to help them prepare for study in Australia. OzTREKK has assisted students from every province (and even one territory!) in Canada.

OzTREKK’s mission is simple: To prepare you for a first-class international education experience in Australia. We offer you guidance and information about your undergraduate, postgraduate and professional degree options in Australia. We assist you at every stage—from application to arrival. You can apply to Australian universities through OzTREKK and be confident we will walk you through every step of your journey.

How we are free

Australian universities have student offices like OzTREKK’s all around the world to provide personalized assistance and country-specific info. They’ve chosen us as their Canadian representative because they know we’re experts in matching what students need to what they offer.

Since we are funded by our Australian universities and because we aim to put you first, our services are free to students across Canada.

Who we are

Founded in 2002, OzTREKK is a team of extraordinary people who genuinely care about helping you to follow your dreams. Having lived and travelled in Australia, our firsthand experience has allowed us to assist thousands of Canadians find the program and university that are right for them.

We will provide you with everything you need to know to make your transition to studying and living in Australia smooth and hassle-free!

Current Opportunities

Would you like to work with us?

All of us at OzTREKK are proud to say we love working here. Who wouldn’t want to work in a super-casual, positive environment with amazing coworkers?

Helping others achieve their dreams is what we do, and it doesn’t get any better than that! In fact, we’re so dedicated to helping students reach their career goals, we’ve been doing it since 2002.

Are you eager to assist others? Are you compassionate? A brilliant multi-tasker? Great GIF-finder? We’d love to hear from you!

This is where we will be featuring available career opportunities!

Even if you don’t see any job postings, please feel free to get in touch if you think you’d be a great fit for the OzTREKK team, so check back regularly!

Please send your résumé or any questions to hr@oztrekk.com.

Student Reviews

At OzTREKK, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service—one that puts you first. OzTREKK will assist you at every stage—from your first questions to your return to Canada—so you are fully prepared for your Australian educational experience! 

“OzTREKK played a very important role”

OzTREKK played a very important role in the entire process leading to a successful acceptance of my Son into the BVSc program at the University of Queensland. It was quite a journey, very daunting and stressful , As a Parent I was making one of the most important financial decisions of my life combined with the decision for a success full career for my Son. Meghan Strank was our Advisor at OzTREKK, She was very supportive, very knowledgeable patient and always willing to go the... Read More

Anne P
Veterinary medicine
The University of Queensland, 2019

“OzTREKK has sent us many top students.”

The University of Melbourne has been working closely with OzTREKK since 2002. During this time, OzTREKK has sent us many top students. They are professional, reliable and trustworthy. We value the high level of service that OzTREKK provide to their students—from ensuring students choose the right course for their career goals, to helping them submit their application and accept their offer and lastly assisting with the big move across the world to Melbourne. The students that u... Read More

University of Melbourne Kimberley Nance
Recruitment Manager
The University of Melbourne, 2018

“OzTREKK are highly knowledgeable about Macquarie”

Macquarie University has partnered with OzTREKK for over a decade to educate students about Macquarie and the Australian education system. OzTREKK are highly knowledgeable about Macquarie, its campus, courses, and entry requirements. Students who apply to the university are always well prepared and ready to start their exciting adventure with us!

Macquarie University Lea-Anne Allen
Regional Manager (North America)
Macquarie University, 2018

“OzTREKK team is in regular contact with the university”

James Cook University (JCU) has been working with OzTREKK since it was founded in 2002. Every year the professional and supportive team successfully assist applicants to apply to some of JCU’s most competitive programs. In addition to supporting students through the application process, one of the most important elements of the OzTREKK service is the ongoing support offered to students upon acceptance.

JCU Australia Woendi Hampton
Manager, International Relations
James Cook University, 2018

“All members of staff are professional and easy to work with.”

We really enjoy working with OzTREKK. All members of staff are professional and easy to work with. We feel like they have students' best interests at heart and provide great service, from counselling through the application process, predeparture sessions, and getting students settled in Australia.

Justine Somogyi
Regional Marketing Manager (North America)
Griffith University, 2018

“Their staff are knowledgeable and professional”

Bond University has partnered with OzTREKK since 2002 to help hundreds of Canadian students achieve their university ambitions in Australia. Their staff are knowledgeable, professional and approachable and, best of all, are there to help you navigate the way through your university admission and enrollment. Not so much an agent, but more an extension of our own university services, OzTREKK makes it easy.

Bond University Stuart Floyd
International Regional Manager
Bond University, 2018