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Nestled in the Central Tablelands of NSW, 260 km west of Sydney, Orange is a progressive city with a friendly country atmosphere. It is 863 m above sea level. The city’s 40,000 residents enjoy excellent retail, sporting, educational and health services. It’s located next to an extinct volcano, which makes it a picturesque and ideal hiking location. Orange is the centre of a large farming community, focused mostly on vineyards.

With a population over 40,000 and only a 3.5-hour drive from Sydney, nature-loving students will adore exploring Orange and surrounding towns while studying abroad.

Fast Facts

  • One of the few Australian cities with occasional snowfalls
  • Amazing produce
  • Wine region
  • Affordable living
  • Autumn colours!

Why Orange?
In the early 1800s, Orange appears on the maps as village parish. They say Orange was most likely named by Major Thomas Mitchell as a tribute to Prince William of Orange (William III of England) with whom he had been associated during the Peninsular Wars in Spain.


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