Cost of Living


Cost of Living in Australia

The average international student in Australia spends about AUD$575 per week on living expenses, but this is dependent upon where you are living. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are more expensive. Most OzTREKK students use a combination of personal funds, student loans, and bank loans/lines of credit to fund their Australian university studies.

Living costs for international students according to the Government of Australia:

You – AUD29,710
Partner or spouse – AUD10,394
Child – AUD4,449

The costs provided are an approximate guide only. The Cost of Living Calculator is designed to help you think about how you spend money and to give you a broad estimate of potential costs in Australia. Estimate Your Living Costs.

Check out the Budget Direct cost of living comparison tool to get a better idea.


As a student from Canada studying at an Australian university, you will be considered an international student and therefore charged international student tuition fees.

Generally speaking, the cost of tuition can rise 3% – 5% each year of the program, effective at the start of each calendar year. Not all universities and programs have tuition increases during the course of the program. If you have any questions or concerns about your tuition fees, please be sure to contact your OzTREKK student advisor.