Why should study chiropractic at an Australian university? Learn how you can study chiropractic in Australia, then practice in Canada. Macquarie University offers smaller class ratio, 99% employment rate within 6 months, 3-year degree with internship. Find out what it takes.

Studying Chiropractic at an Australian University

Macquarie University, located in Sydney Australia, offers students an opportunity to undertake internationally recognized undergraduate and postgraduate studies in chiropractic. As one of the few universities worldwide offering chiropractic education up to PhD level, students can be assured of the highest standard of quality.

Like Canada, few post-secondary institutions in Australia offer chiropractic programs. Macquarie University is the only OzTREKK university that offers a program in this area.

The Master of Chiropractic degree offered at the Macquarie Chiropractic School is comparable to Doctor of Chiropractic programs at chiropractic schools in Canada and in the United States. The added bonus for Canadian students is the transferability of the Australian Master of Chiropractic degree for those who wish to return home to practice in Canada. Additionally, Macquarie University has competitive international student tuition fees in comparison to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College’s program fees.

Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

Here’s a Macquarie Chiropractic School video featuring former OzTREKK students:

How to Apply to an Australian Chiropractic School

The process of applying to an Australian chiropractic program can feel both simple and confusing at the same time. That’s why we’re here. Our goal is to have the best prepared students ready for a first-class educational experience in Australia and New Zealand—and we take that to heart.

When you’re considering studying chiro at an Australian university, you may have questions about

  • your eligibility;
  • the application;
  • how (and where) to submit your documents; and
  • what we do with your application.

We’ve got you covered. Head on over to our how to apply to chiropractic school in Australia page where you’ll find info about what to expect!

Practicing Chiropractic in Canada

Graduates of Macquarie’s Master of Chiropractic degree are eligible to become certified as chiropractors in countries such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Graduate qualifications from Macquarie University’s Master of Chiropractic are recognized internationally. Canadian students who wish to practice as a chiropractor upon their return to Canada should visit the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board website for accreditation information. Graduates will be eligible to write the board’s licensing exam, which is required in order to be granted a licence to practice in Canada.

For more information about the process, please visit our Practicing Chiropractic in Canada page.


“…great professors”

Really hands on learning and great professors. Beautiful campus but I wish there was more student clubs / activities like my university in Canada had (Western). Making friends may be difficult but you have to put yourself out there!

Macquarie University Lauren A
Master of Chiropractic
Macquarie University, 2023

“The staff is amazing and only want you to succeed…”

The degree is definitely a hands on type learning. There are a lot of practicals that you have to take each semester to aid in your learning of the skills. Having said that, my schedule hasn’t been overwhelming and very manageable if you can allocate your time properly. The uni has so many resources to aid in learning and to help you if you are struggling. The staff is amazing and only want you to succeed and will help you get the best marks possible. Macquarie’s campus is g... Read More

Macquarie University Manjot V
Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
Macquarie University, 2022

“The chiropractic program here at Macquarie is super hands-on.”

The chiropractic program here at Macquarie is super hands-on. In addition to your regular classes, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the semester to attend supervised practice classes. As you get into the final years (second and third year of the Master’s program) there are plenty of opportunities to work with sports teams. This year, the upper years helped out at the Western City Marathon, City2Surf (a MASSIVE run/walk here in Sydney), the NSW Koori Rugby League ... Read More

Macquarie University Poonam R
Master of Chiropractic
Macquarie University, 2022

“The teaching is top notch and professors want you to do great in your classes.”

The campus is nice and it's new with the updates it's received. The teaching is top notch and professors want you to do great in your classes. On campus services such as food and resources for students is also great. Be confident and don't be scared to take a leap for your goals. The doubt can be cleared as soon as you get here. The teaching alone is good and you don't feel out of place with the locals. Everyone here is welcoming and generally are very nice and inviting. Sta... Read More

Macquarie University Manjot V
Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
Macquarie University, 2022