What is public health?

17 March 2014

Are you considering a career in the healthcare industry, but not convinced hands-on medicine or nursing is up your alley? Or maybe you are a nurse who is looking to expand your career opportunities. Have you considered a career in public health?

University of Sydney Public Health School
The University of Sydney has many public health programs

How do we encourage a more physically active population? How can we campaign to reduce tobacco use? How do we influence health policy?
These are some of the questions in public health.
The cultural and professional diversity of University of Sydney students makes studying at the university a unique experience. Students learn from their peers as well as from their teachers. The environment is stimulating and intellectual. Sydney Public Health students graduate with skills, knowledge and passion, making them lifelong advocates for improving population health.
Public health a the University of Sydney is open to students from health and non-health backgrounds. Public health is

  • preventing disease;
  • promoting health; and
  • prolonging life.

Sydney Public Health graduates work in Australia and internationally in a wide variety of careers in government and non-government organizations, and are in demand in international aid agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Population Fund. Opportunities for further research are available at universities and in private sectors.

University of Sydney School of Public Health

The Sydney School of Public Health is a vibrant, multidisciplinary network of individuals and centres which combine to provide exceptional and internationally recognized education opportunities in the field of public health. Sydney Public Health School has gained an outstanding reputation for the quality of its research programs and for the expertise of its academic staff.
The school is renowned for its excellence in teaching in areas such as epidemiology, biostatistics, health promotion, health economics, health advocacy and evidence-based healthcare. Study opportunities include research degrees and coursework master’s degrees, graduate diplomas and in some cases graduate certificates, most of which are open to local and international students.

Public health programs at the University of Sydney

Public health (Graduate Diploma and Master) – These courses are usually chosen by those who plan to work in developed countries.
International Public Health (Graduate Diploma and Master’s) – Sydney offers the longest-running Master of International Public Health program in NSW, and one of only a few in Australia. These courses are usually chosen by those who wish to work in developing countries or resource-poor settings.
Clinical Epidemiology (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s) – The range of courses gives clinicians—doctors, nurses, and other health professionals—the opportunity to appraise and carry out research and to practice evidence-based health care.
Health Policy (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s) – A critical perspective on the health care system and skills in developing and implementing health policy.
Biostatistics (Specialist courses Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters) – In the use of highly sophisticated mathematical models to evaluate public health data, intended for those interested in a career as a biostatistician.
Health Communication (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s) – Provide both media skills for professional communicators in health and medicine working in public affairs, public relations, community relations and journalism as well as a solid, evidence-based education in public health issues.
Bioethics  (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s) – Provide an understanding of the interaction between advances in biotechnology and society, the complex relationship between morality, mental health and the law, euthanasia and end-of-life care, human and animal research ethics, stem cell research and cloning.
Qualitative Health Research (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master’s) – Provide hands-on training in qualitative research practice, sophisticated engagement with qualitative research theory and methodology, and solid preparation in health issues. Would you like to spend your days sorting out how health fits into people’s everyday lives? Untangling the way things work in health and medical organizations? Making sense of people’s stories about their illness? Better understanding health-related practices in different cultures (or your own cultures)? Then qualitative research is for you!
Indigenous Health Promotion and Indigenous Health (Substance Use) – Courses are offered for Aboriginal health professionals.
Program: Master of Public Health
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: March and July
Duration: 1 year
Application deadline: May 31, 2014 for the July 2014 intake; and January 31, 2015 for the March 2015 intake.
Entry Requirements: A successful applicant for admission to the Master of Public Health program requires

  • a minimum four-year full time degree or equivalent qualification from the University of Sydney or an equivalent qualification; or
  • a shorter degree from the University of Sydney or an equivalent qualification, and non-degree professional qualifications and/or substantial relevant experience and/or other relevant qualifications.

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If you have any questions about studying public health at the Sydney Public Health School, please contact OzTREKK’s Australian Public Health Schools Admissions Officer Rachel Brady at [email protected] or call toll free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355.