Physiotherapy Graduates: Ask Me Anything!

28 June 2023

We recently held an “Ask Me Anything” webinar with Canadian graduates of Australian physiotherapy programs–and they delivered!

There’s something invaluable about listening to graduates speak about the profession you’re considering. We often hear applicants say, “I’m so glad I watched that webinar. Their insight and experience really helped me solidify my plans. Now I really know I’m on the right track.”

Meet Cierra and Christian, graduates of the University of Melbourne Doctor of Physiotherapy program. While they chose to work in private practice after graduation, Cierra has chosen to work in orthopedic and pelvic health, and Christian works with a focus on strength sports.

physiotherapist working with patient with ball
Learn more about Australian physio degrees

But why did they decide to apply to Australian physiotherapy schools? What was their experience studying in Australia? Did they stay in Australia to practice, or return home?

There’s no doubt that Australian universities offer some of the most advanced physio degrees in the world. In Australia, physiotherapy is a strong academic and clinical discipline, and Australian research in physiotherapy drives teaching and learning.

This in-depth expertise provides Australia’s physio students with opportunities to be educated in contemporary, evidence-based clinical practice—and it’s one of the main reasons so many Canadians choose to undertake their degrees in Australia.

Here are just some of the reasons they chose to study physiotherapy in Australia:

  • Australia offers top-tier physiotherapy education.
  • Australia offers the Doctor of Physiotherapy, which equals more clinical practice and placements.
  • The experience of studying abroad and meeting people from around the world is second to none.

If you’re looking for extra clinical experience like Christian and Cierra, Australia’s got your back with its Doctor of Physiotherapy degrees. The two extra semesters of a DPT provide a bit more flexibility in terms of electives and there is often an additional clinical placement. This means that if you want to complete physiotherapy licensing in Canada after you graduate you’ll be more likely to have obtained the required number of clinical hours within the scope of the program, instead of having to seek out further practice after your degree.

Studying in a country known for its outdoor lifestyle isn’t too shabby either. You’ll be living in one of the most beautiful, diverse countries in the world. Surfing at the beach, snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in the rainforest, eating incredible food, catching concerts and sporting matches—there’s really no shortage of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Would you like to watch the full webinar? Please reach out to and we’ll hook you up!

Australian Physiotherapy Degrees

In Australia, physiotherapy programs are offered at both the undergraduate- and graduate-entry levels:

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Master of Physiotherapy
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy

Learn more about the differences between an MPT and a DPT.

Graduate-entry Physiotherapy Degrees

Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine how the steps you take today may impact your tomorrow, or how juggling applications and ordering transcripts can change your life. OzTREKK is here to help. We’ve assisted thousands of Canadians and Americans apply to study physiotherapy in Australia—we can help you, too!

Need help with your physiotherapy application? Want to find out where you’re most competitive? Contact OzTREKK’s Australian physiotherapy schools Admissions Officer at We look forward to hearing from you!


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