MQ Health & Macquarie Medicine – You’re a part of the big picture!

21 June 2023

What is MQ Health?

In its simplest form, MQ Health is a university-run health science centre made up of

  • Macquarie University Hospital;
  • Macquarie University Clinical Associates;
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences; and
  • clinical components of the Faculty of Human Sciences.
Macquarie University Hospital

Look up MQ Health on Google Maps and you will see these four units all nestled together on the Macquarie University campus. Yet MQ Health is much more than the sum of its parts. “Ecosystem” is the word Professor Patrick McNeil, Executive Dean Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences uses to describe it.

Think of an ecosystem and what comes to mind? Community. Collaboration. Balanced system. The life cycles of one group feeding into those of another to create a holistic circle. It’s a beautiful thing, right?!

The same can be said for MQ Health. You’ve got students, clinicians, and researchers collaborating under one roof to grow their core values, which are “Heal. Learn. Discover.”

Why does this matter for a Macquarie med student?

The fact that Macquarie’s Doctor of Medicine does not stand alone, like many other medical degrees, and that it is connected both literally and figuratively to the other entities that make up MQ Health, is a large part of what makes this program so enriching for its students.

Specialists pop down from their floor of the Macquarie University Hospital to run your lectures. The practitioners who come to guide your tutorial are able to relate the content at hand with real-life experience they’ve recently encountered. You will connect with allied health as you work alongside Macquarie physio students in your HAWK clinics. Every day you are surrounded by the goings-on of a working, thriving healthcare system.

Think of it this way: MQ Health brings to the Macquarie MD what living in France would bring to a French student. You are immersed in the culture from day one. Not only that, but you are a part of the big picture, contributing to MQ Health’s evolving life cycle of learning, research, and clinical practice. It’s a beautiful thing, right?!

About the Macquarie University’s Doctor of Medicine

Program: Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Location: North Ryde, suburb of Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: February each year
Duration: 4 years
Application deadline: While the application deadline is usually the end of September each year, you are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

This article was updated June 21, 2023.

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