What’s so great about nursing at Flinders University? Well, to start, they are nationally and internationally professionally accredited.

Whether it’s your mid-semester break, summer holidays, or weekend, go out there and see what Adelaide and South Australia have to offer. Here are some of my recommendations for things to see and do in Adelaide, breaking it down by beaches, hikes, the city, and road trips.

Want to be a physiotherapist? Wondering what physiotherapy placements look like? Francis is going to be taking over our OzTREKK Instagram today through tomorrow to give you a glimpse into this exciting aspect of a physio degree.

To best support OzTREKK’s mission to always put “Student First,” we are pleased to bring the best of Australia’s higher education sector to North American students. We are proud to offer our students as many study options as possible, and we now have two more Australian universities offering popular programs like medicine and physiotherapy!