10 May 2024 News

Top 10 careers in physiotherapy

If you’re considering a career as a physiotherapist, one of your first questions might be, where would I work? Here are some of the top careers in physiotherapy.

Are you interested in becoming a physiotherapist? Here, Bond University physiotherapy students offer their 6 top tips to get the most out of your degree.

26 March 2021 Events

The Journey Tibia-ing a Physiotherapist

We’ll be hosting three Canadians who have graduated from Australian physiotherapy programs and are now living their dream! Learn how you can return to Canada to practice, and what it’s like to work in Australia as a physiotherapist. Get your questions ready!

What’s it like to be a physiotherapy student at an Australian university? We’ve all been there! It’s our first day of class at a new university amongst a sea of new faces. It’s nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve just moved to an entirely new city—or continent.

On September 16, join OzTREKK and Katelyn from PT Exam Prep as we go over—in detail—the process to return to Canada to practice as an Aussie-trained graduate!

Alexis Curtis always knew she wanted to be a physiotherapist. She had a degree in human kinetics and a passion to help others live their best possible life. At first, she was keen to do a semester exchange in Australia….

Curious about studying physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other health sciences? Don’t miss the upcoming webinar to learn more about Bond’s renowned Rehabilitation and Health Sciences programs….