List A

List A – Required for All Teacher Education Applications

OzTREKK only requires one copy of each document, even if you are applying to multiple programs.

All PDFs must be submitted via the myOzTREKK portal. Please do not send via email. We will confirm receipt of your documents as we receive them, so you can keep track.


 One English copy of each official transcript from all previous institutions sent directly to the OzTREKK office.

  • Mailed by the school to the OzTREKK Officeor
  • Emailed by the school to [email protected]. If you need to have a password, please use OZTREKK1 (no spaces, all capitals) or 1234.

If you have questions, please see How do I send my transcripts?

❑   Copy of your passport photo page – Ensure the image and text are clear and there’s no glare.
❑   Complete the OzTREKK SSVF Form This information is collected to meet compliance requirements. If we require further information, we may contact you.

List B

List B –  University-specific Application Documents

Additional documents required to complete the following applications. Please submit all remaining documents as PDFs via the myOzTREKK portal unless otherwise instructed.

Deakin University – Master of Teaching

   CASPer – CASPer is an online tool designed to assess an applicant’s personal and professional attributes. You’ll receive Deakin ID to complete this.
   Deakin International Application Form
   If applying for Secondary, you must qualify to teach either 2 single teaching methods or 1 double method. Options outlined in Course Structure.


Flinders University – Master of Teaching

❑   Provide a Teaching Capabilities Statement (400 – 600 words)


Griffith University – Master of Teaching

❑   Personal Statement – See Griffith’s Non-Academic Entry Criteria for International Students
❑   Please confirm where you would like to study: Gold Coast or Mt. Gravatt
❑   Please select either the standard 2-year program, or the 1.5-year accelerated option
❑   If applying for Secondary, please confirm your 2 teaching area preferences

Important to remember
Griffith may ask for additional non-academic elements related to the criteria linked above. We will let you know if this is requested.


James Cook University – Master of Teaching and Learning

  Personal Statement
  Pre-enrolment Numeracy
   Complete the JCU Application Form
   If applying for Secondary, please complete the Teaching Areas Nomination Form to determine your first and second teaching areas.


Macquarie University – Master of Teaching

  Personal Statement – Optional, but recommended to discuss personal experience
  Complete Macquarie’s Non-Academic Survey once you have a student number


Monash University – Master of Teaching

❑   CASPer –  CASPer is an online tool designed to assess an applicant’s personal and professional attributes. This component takes place after your Monash application has been submitted.
❑   Review specialist teaching areas
❑   $100 AUD Monash application fee paid directly to the university (link will be provided). Please let us know if you do not wish to pay the application fee and we will cancel your app.


University of Melbourne – Master of Teaching

❑   University of Melbourne Agent Nomination Form (must be hand-signed)
❑   Teacher Capability Assessment Tool (TCAT) 

  • Please read the instruction page as well as the FAQs
  • Schedule a distraction-free chunk of time to complete this. Some sections are timed.

❑   If applying for Secondary, please confirm your studies will satisfy two learning areas


University of Queensland – Master of Teaching

❑   UQ Application Authority Form
❑   Review UQ’s Transfer Policy and Procedures
❑   Two 500-word personal statements. Please see Teaching Personal Statement and review the “Fact Sheet.”
❑   Online questionnaire after application is submitted
❑   If applying for Secondary, please ensure you have the appropriate courses to teach two different teaching areas (expand the “I already have a university degree” section).


University of Sydney – Master of Teaching

   Master of Teaching Supplemental Form
   If applying to Early Childhood: Master of Teaching Supplemental Form
  Personal Statement (questions outlined in supplemental form)
  Review Sydney’s Education Inherent Requirements
  $150 AUD Sydney application fee paid directly to the university (link will be provided). Please let us know if you do not wish to pay the application fee and we will cancel your app.


University of Western Australia – Master of Teaching

   Personal Statement
   Review UWA’s Inherent Requirements
   If applying for Secondary, you must have a major relevant to the secondary teaching curriculum majors.

Note: You may be requested to complete an interview.


We know there’s a lot of information on this page, but don’t worry—your OzTREKK admissions officers will be right there with you.

Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

If you have questions or concerns at any stage in the process, we are just a call or an email away!​

1. Eligibility

Determining Your Eligibility

Eligibility is based on several factors and differs between programs. To get started, please have a look at the following topics:

To Determine Your Eligibility

Minimum vs Competitive Requirements

It’s important to distinguish between minimum and competitive requirements as they can vary significantly. Minimum requirements are defined by each university and are the lowest scores (GPA) required to be eligible to apply to a program. Competitive requirements are the minimum scores that receive an offer.

It’s our goal to be honest and transparent about your chances of receiving an offer, because meeting the minimum requirements does not mean you’ll be a competitive applicant. Sometimes applicants decide to apply to a different program—and we can help with that, too!

Check out our helpful FAQs for more insight on eligibility.

2. Apply Online

Start Your Application

Fill out the OzTREKK application.

Don’t worry! This application only comes to us. Think of it as your starting point: It’s nothing more than you telling us which programs you’re interested in so we can ensure you don’t miss a deadline.

What to expect on the application
The basics! Your full name, address, program of interest, etc., plus your educational history—so have start and graduation dates handy. If you can’t remember your exact start or grad date, estimate.

Once you’ve pressed “Submit,” your OzTREKK admissions officer will contact you to outline your next steps, and will list which documents you’ll need to send to our office. Again, we aim to make sure you never miss a deadline!

If you’d like to make changes to your application or to your program selection, don’t stress. We can adjust anything as we go!

3. Submit Documents

Submit Your Documents to OzTREKK

You’ve pressed “Submit” on your OzTREKK application and you’re ready for the next step.

No guessing required. Your dedicated admissions team will send you a handy checklist outlining all the required documentation for each university.

Where do I send my documents?
All application documents, aside from your official transcripts*, should be emailed to your rehabilitation sciences admissions officers as PDFs: [email protected]

*Transcripts in their original, sealed envelopes must be mailed to the OzTREKK office or emailed directly from your school to our office: [email protected]

How do I know OzTREKK received my documents?
As soon as we receive your transcripts (whether by email or by post), and the other required documents, we will let you know—every time. Just keep an eye on your inbox!

When do I send my documents?
The earlier the better! We’ll need all documents sent to us before the application deadlines; the earlier we have them, the more guidance we can provide. You can also send them along gradually, as you get them. We’ll take care of keeping you organized.

Fast Facts

  • Even if you apply to multiple universities, you only need to send one copy of your documents.
  • All our university partners accept OzTREKK-certified transcripts. Once they have our stamp of approval (yes, a literal stamp), they’re good to go!
  • Most universities waive their application fees for OzTREKK students.
  • You will be kept up to date with your application status: outstanding documents, which applications have been submitted, upcoming deadlines, etc.

4. OzTREKK Submits Application

OzTREKK Submits Your Complete Application(s)

Once all your documents are in, OzTREKK will submit your application to the university! We’ll send you a confirmation email and provide estimated outcome dates.

Now what?
This is the waiting period. It can be stressful, but now that your application is under assessment, we will share everything you need to know in this “layover” phase! This will include

  • resources for confident decision-making if you receive an offer (or multiple offers!);
  • financing information (including contacts); and
  • community connections (OzTREKK events and more!).

Best Fit

Finding Your Best Fit

Play around with our compare programs feature to determine which program might be the best fit for you.

For first-person accounts of what studying in Australia is really like, have a look at what our OzTREKK Ambassadors have to say!

Remember, we’re here for you throughout the entire process, so always feel free to ask us questions. You deserve the right to feel comfortable and confident with your decision, and we’ll do whatever we can to support you.

Happy applying!


Have a look through our teaching FAQs, including program titles, eligibility, practicing in Canada, and more. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us. We’re here to help!

Are there any scholarships for international students?

Scholarship options in Australia are usually limited for international students as they tend to be reserved for those undertaking postgraduate research degrees; however, we can advise you where to look and whether specific programs have a history of offering scholarships.

Occasionally, scholarships are granted to high achievers—those with very high marks. In previous years, we have seen $5000- to $10,000-scholarships given to OzTREKK students.

Check out OzTREKK’s Financing page to learn more about scholarships and paying for your degree.

What does “rolling admissions” mean?

Rolling admissions means the university assesses applications as they are received, or on a “first come, first served” basis. As soon as they’ve met the quota and the program is filled, they close the applications. So, for a program that has rolling admissions, the earlier you apply the better!

How does OzTREKK know if my application will be competitive?

The majority of Canadians applying to full-degree programs in Australia (i.e., not study abroad courses, which usually only last a semester or two) apply through OzTREKK. They’re studying medicine, dentistry, law, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, etc.

Since they’re using OzTREKK’s services, this gives us a good idea of the starting point of a competitive application each year, allowing our admissions officers to help you determine which universities/programs are most likely to present you with a letter of offer!

You can get started on determining your chances by reviewing the admissions requirements on each program page. Then, visit our GPA Conversions and Eligibility pages for details and suggestions to help you get into the program of your dreams. Of course, OzTREKK is always here to help if you have questions.

What is a 5.0 GPA in Australia?

Unlike in Canada, GPAs in Australia are simple. They are standardized, so they mean the same thing to everyone.

In Australia, a 5.0 / 7.0 would roughly translate to a 2.7 / 4.0 or approximately 70% – 72%, but keep in mind all universities assess slightly differently.

Learn more on our GPA Conversions page where we list the most common Canadian GPA scales to their corresponding Australian GPA grade.

Which prerequisites do I need?

Prerequisite courses vary by university and by program. We’ve listed university- and program-specific requirements on each program’s page under “Admissions Requirements.”

What are official transcripts, and how do I send them?

Currently, our Australian universities require original transcripts to assess your application—certified by OzTREKK, which means we have to put our stamp on paper. Literally.

Usually, students order transcripts from their high school, college and/or university and have them mailed to our office. Alternatively, you can pick up your transcripts and mail them to OzTREKK, as long as they remain in their original, sealed envelopes.

You will need to submit final transcripts (showing your degree/diploma is completed) from every institution you have attended. We only require one copy of each transcript, even if you apply to multiple universities or programs.

OzTREKK educational services
301-1 Sherbrooke St. E.
Perth, ON K7H 1A1 CANADA

Alternatively, your high school, college and/or university can email them to [email protected].

P.S. Try sending your documents via FedEx and Purolator, especially when you need your documents to arrive at our office ASAP. If you use Canada Post’s courier Xpresspost, please don’t request a signature, as this can add unexpected delays!

As soon as your transcript arrives, we’ll let you know!

What if I don’t have a completed undergraduate degree?

You may consider Bachelor of Education program options; however, in some provinces this degree alone may not meet the requirement to return to Canada to teach. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the provincial teaching requirements before committing to an undergraduate-level teaching program.

If I have already completed a teaching program, are there additional education programs I can pursue?

Yes, students who have a completed teaching qualification can look to build upon their education by completing a Master of Education program. Several different streams are available, should you wish to focus on a particular major. Credit is available, pending on your prior academic courses.

You may also complete this course online.

For more information about your options, please contact OzTREKK at [email protected].

What if my transcripts / documents are not in English?

If your documents are not in English, you must provide full translation of each document, either prepared by your university or by a registered translator. You must not translate the documents yourself.

Please note OzTREKK must receive the official translation directly from the university or translator in order to certify the document. Please read How Do I Send My Transcripts for more information.

If I want to teach secondary school, how many courses do I need for the teaching areas?

If looking to complete a Master of Teaching at a secondary level, you’ll need to ensure you have the appropriate number of courses to be considered for two teaching areas. Students will need to have completed a bachelor’s degree in a relevant study area to the teaching areas they are wishing to pursue.

You will generally need a minimum of 6 courses for your first teaching area, and 4 courses for your second. These will need to come from second year and above in most circumstances.

To ensure you have what you’ll need for the secondary teaching level, feel free to contact OzTREKK for more information!

Can I apply for credit for a teaching program?

To receive credit for a Master of Teaching program, you must have previously completed courses at a master’s level. If you have an undergraduate degree, those courses will not be approved for credit.

If you have a master’s degree, let us know and we’ll send you the steps to apply for credit.

Can I teach in Canada after I graduate?

Each Canadian province and territory has its own teacher certification board and specific requirements that must be met before you can become certified to teach in that region. This is true for all teacher education graduates, whether they have completed their degree in Canada or abroad.

If you have any specific questions about the teacher certification requirements in the province you plan to work in after completing an Australian teacher education degree, you should contact the appropriate regulatory body for more information. See the list of provincial teacher education regulatory bodies on the Canadian Teachers’ Federation website.

OzTREKK consults its university partners and works with them to make sure we only feature teacher education programs that work for Canadian students.

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