20 October 2022 News

How do you pay for dental school?

How do you pay for dental school? Funding a career in dentistry is expensive, but lots of students find a way to do it. Here’s how.

7 June 2022 News

What is the UCAT?

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an admissions test used by many universities in Australia and New Zealand to help them achieve greater fairness in candidate selection.

List A

List A – Required for All Undergraduate-entry Dentistry Applications

Please send one PDF copy of each of the following documents to admissions1@oztrekk.com.

   OzTREKK requires one copy of your official transcript, from all institutions at which you’ve studied (must be in English). Please send transcripts via

  • Mail: Transcripts in their original, sealed envelopes must be mailed to the OzTREKK Officeor
  • Email: Transcripts must be sent from the school office/admissions office directly or through an official transcript service (e.g., Parchment or MyCreds) to transcripts@oztrekk.com. If you need to have a password on the digital transcript, please use the following:
    • Question: The educational agent that I am working with
    • Password: OZTREKK1 (no spaces, all capitals); or if there’s a character limit or an access code requirement, use 1234.

What if my documents are not in English?
If your documents are not in English, you must provide full translation of each document, either prepared by your university or by a registered translator. You must not translate the documents yourself.

Please note OzTREKK must receive the official translation directly from the university or translator in order to certify the document. Have questions? Check out How do I send my transcripts?

  Copy of your passport photo page (PDF)
  Complete the OzTREKK SSVF Form – This information is collected to meet compliance requirements. If we require further information, we may contact you.

If you’ve submitted all the documents in LIST A, the applications to the following programs are complete:

  • Charles Sturt University – Bachelor of Dental Science
  • Griffith University – Bachelor of Dental Health Science & Master of Dentistry

List B

List B –  University-specific Application Documents

Additional documents required by our other undergraduate-entry dentistry programs. Please submit all remaining documents as PDFs to admissions1@oztrekk.com.


James Cook University – Bachelor of Dental Surgery

  JCU BDS Supplemental Application Form

  • Answer questions on pp. 6 & 7 only, unless you are also applying to medicine
  • Declaration on top of p. 3 must be hand-signed (OzTREKK completes the rest)

 JCU Prediction of Academic Achievement Form – Grade 12 students only. Must be sent to OzTREKK directly from school to be deemed official.
  Maximum of 3 reference letters (optional) – Must be sent directly from the referees by mail or to admissions1@oztrekk.com.


University of Queensland – Bachelor of Dental Science

  UQ Application Authority Form
  UQ requires the UCAT ANZ. Please send proof of your registration.