You can start your law degree online

17 February 2021

Starting your law degree online

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If you’ve been dreaming of studying law with an Australian university, your plans don’t have to be put on the backburner. You can get started sooner than you think, thanks to a number of Australian law schools offering online learning!

So, which universities are offering online delivery for law programs, and what does online learning look like?

Bond University
Intakes: January, May, September
Bond is committed to offering multi-modal learning. This means that lectures and seminars have been delivered either entirely online, or have consisted of a mix of online delivery for those unable to be in Australia and in-person delivery for those who are there studying the Bond Juris Doctor.

Blackboard Collaborate, TEAMS, and Zoom have allowed students to engage with lessons, chat with their instructors, and work with their classmates regardless of where they’re physically located. Overall, online learning at Bond has been considered a success!

Griffith University
Intakes: March, July, October
Griffith University has also committed to flexible study options. If you start your Griffith University Juris Doctor online and travel restrictions are lifted, Griffith will continue to offer the flexibility to finish your trimester online or in-person. From academic help specific to your degree, to staying social and involved in the Griffith student community, there’s also plenty of online support available to help you get started on your law school journey!

The University of Melbourne
Intake: February
There has been a commitment to online delivery of the first semester of the University of Melbourne Juris Doctor, starting February 2021. We are awaiting further details on how this will continue into semester 2, if need be. In the meantime, those studying online can take advantage of a range of additional online resources, from academic support and employability skills building, to health and wellbeing resources.

The University of Sydney
Intake: February
The University of Sydney Juris Doctor has committed to offering as many units as possible online for students who can’t travel to Australia just yet. For those searching for study tips, ways to get involved in the student community, or other tips for online learning, the university has compiled online resources.

Monash University
Intakes: January, May, August
The Monash University Juris Doctor will be offered online and through blended study (online and in-person). With the use of online platforms from Google, Microsoft, and Moodle, students will be able to partake in lectures and seminars online. Completing studies online is nothing new for Monash law students, and every Law unit has been designed to make use of online learning platforms. There are a broad range of resources and opportunities to ensure quality engagement with both instructors and classmates.

Deakin University
Intakes: March, July
For students in the Deakin University Bachelor of Laws program, classes and seminars will be available online. Students benefit from Deakin’s quality online tech support, study support, and personal support. Deakin’s online learning portal hosts all the audio-visual class materials, lectures, discussion boards, and more that you need to succeed in your online legal studies.

Flinders University
Intakes: March, July
Flinders University Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice students will have access to remote learning. Flinders Learning Online Hub hosts a variety of platforms and resources for students to start or continue their legal studies online, and a student learning advisor and tech support are there to help you navigate the world of online learning.

The University of Newcastle
Intakes: January, June
Students interested in the University of Newcastle Juris Doctor can also commence their studies online. Students can access and engage with learning online through Newcastle’s online portal, and use a variety of online technologies such as email, discussion boards, and blogs to stay in contact with their instructors and peers. They can also download course materials, watch or listen to recorded lectures, and upload assignments all online.

If you’d like to learn more about your study options, please contact OzTREKK’s Law Admissions Officer at We’re here to help!