Why a law degree will prepare you for your future

2 July 2021

How can a law degree help you prepare for your future?

If you’re not entirely sure what you want to do in the future but you know you want to have a strong foundation that will allow you to be flexible in your career path, have you considered studying law?

Bond Law students
Bond University Law School

Here are four reasons why you may want to think about it!

A law degree is highly regarded
As noted by Professor Nick James, Executive Dean of Bond University Faculty of Law, “A law degree is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and most useful degrees a person can do at university.”

The enrollment and the completion of a law degree is regarded as a clear demonstration of academic excellence. It’s widely known that law programs are difficult to get into, the workload is considerable, and the standards for excellence are high.

A law degree provides specialized skills
A law degree not only prepares you to understand the law and the way it operates, but you will also learn an array of critical skills to put that understanding into action:

  • Legal research and reasoning skills
  • Legal writing and drafting abilities
  • Oral communication skills
  • Dispute resolution and collaboration
  • Legal ethics and professionalism
  • The ability advocate, negotiate, and litigate on behalf of others

Law school trains you to solve complex human problems, to structure complex commercial transactions, and to assist others in fighting for and achieving justice.

It’s an exciting time to practice law
The practice of law has undergone internationalization, diversification, and digital disruption.

More law graduates are finding employment at international law firms, representing clients from a variety of countries and cultures, and work on transactions and disputes crossing multiple jurisdictions.

Diverse career options include the more common roles of a barrister, solicitor, in-house counsel, or Crown counsel. Graduates may, however, choose to run a business, become a judge or a politician, or work for growing corporations or new legal startups seeking the specialized advice that only a recent law graduate can provide.

Technological advances have also had a remarkable effect on legal practice. Big data, blockchains, new analytical tools, and artificial intelligence are transforming the work of lawyers. Legal work is now more useful, accurate, and comprehensive than ever before while being delivered more quickly and efficiently, and less costly.

Technology is also helping lawyers provide advice in new ways. Chat bots, phone apps, software, and interactive websites are allowing people who previously could not afford a lawyer to access much needed legal advice. These technologies are being created and developed by none other than law school graduates!

You have options for your legal education
Choosing a law school is an important but also highly personal task. Only you know what you consider important for a legal education.

If you’re hoping to pursue a traditional career pathway, look for a law school that will help you develop your humane legal professionalism, your emotional intelligence, your critical thinking skills, and your interpersonal skills. These are abilities that are unlikely to be replaced by automation and technology.

Or, if you want to join the world of technologically enhanced legal services, you will want to seek a law school that will encourage your innovative thinking, develop your digital skills and your legal skills, and teach you the laws that will be practiced a decade from now.

To learn more about how a law degree could help you achieve success in your future, check out this video from Bond University.

Bond Law School Juris Doctor

With three intakes per year, January, May and September, Bond Law Juris Doctor candidates are able to apply any time throughout the year—and the LSAT is not required. If you’re thinking of starting this January, now is the time to get your application documents in!

Program: Juris Doctor (JD)
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Semester intakes: January, May, September each year (you can begin online, in Canada)
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: You’re encouraged to apply a minimum of three months prior to the program start date.

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