Bond Law alum talks about going from Canada to Australia and back again!

12 May 2021

OzTREKK recently chatted with Bond University Juris Doctor alumni Rod. He and wife, Kati, provided insight, advice, and details on their experience of living in Australia and completing the Bond law program.

bond law graduate rod
Kati and Rod at Rod’s Bond Law graduation

Rod discussed what drew him to Bond and how the Canadian and Australian law programs differ. Having friendly connections follow the path certainly drew his appeal, along with being able to jump right into a law program. Remaining in Canada would have meant taking time to complete the LSAT, and Rod was interested in getting into the work force as soon as possible. The practical legal education components of Bond were also of great interest, as it enabled an easier transition from law school into practice.

Both Kati and Rod also mentioned how the grade structure is broken down when studying at Bond.

Being that, participation is a key component. The small classes make it easy to speak up and gain that hands-on experience, that will later translate into the working world. Students can also put their skills into practice through mooting at Bond, the university competes and has received awards on the world stage.  Feel free to check out their mooting opportunities!

Rod and Kati now reside in Vancouver, where Rod is a fourth-year associate. Getting to this point saw him first completing the NCA process, working initially in insurance litigation, and then seeking out an articling position.

The advice that they gave for future students considering completing a law degree in Australia and returning to Canada is to rest assured that where you complete your articling position, doesn’t have to be the legal field in which you’ll always work. Gaining that initial experience is what law firms will be looking for, so starting off at a small firm and then moving into a bigger firm, or vice versa, are options that students can consider. A law degree is versatile, and law school prepares students to work in a variety of industries!

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Here’s what we chatted about:

0:00 – Hellos & House Keeping
2:14 – Guest Speaker Introduction
2:42 – Review of Webinar Agenda
3:32 – How OzTREKK Helps
5:00 – Bond’s Location on the Gold Coast
6:36 – Travel During Studies
9:48 – Bond Law
10:25 – Why Rod Chose Bond
13:10 – How Canadian and Australian Law Schools Differ
14:06 – Course Work Structure
14:54 – Mooting at Bond
16:04 – Electives
19:00 – NCA Exams and Requirements
19:22 – Exchange in Shanghai
21:30 – Bond Law Program Structure
29:35 – Options Following Graduation
39:00 – More on NCA Exams and Requirements
43:46 – Remaining in Australia
45:40 – Financing and Scholarships
51:30 – Employment Following Graduation
57:48 – Timing of Internships
1:00:03 – Words of Wisdom
1:02:50 – Q&A

Bond Law School Juris Doctor 

Program: Juris Doctor (JD)
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Semester intakes: January, May, September
Duration: 2 years

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