The University of Melbourne’s teacher education program

18 May 2021

Want to teach? Have you considered the University of Melbourne teacher education program?

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If you’ve always wanted to be a teacher, and you’ve been considering completing the necessary training at University of Melbourne, we’ve got some information for you!

The University of Melbourne recently hosted a teacher education webinar as part of their Meet Melbourne On-Demand series. They provided a brief overview of the program, and had current student, Mia talk about her experience and thought process in pursuing a teaching degree.

The real meat and potatoes of the webinar can be found at 20:15. Melbourne discusses the requirements for the program, being a completed undergraduate degree, and Teacher Capability Assessment Tool (TCAT). For students considering teaching at the secondary level, two teaching areas will also be required, in addition to the completed degree and TCAT. In addition to the primary and secondary level teaching areas, students can also consider early childhood, and early childhood and primary.

Melbourne then speaks with student Mia directly about her experience in the program and at 28:00 Mia touches on her rural placement experience. As part of the Melbourne teaching program, students will undergo practical placements in a school setting.

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Program: Master of Teaching
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Intake: February
Duration: 2 Years
Application Deadline: While there is no set application deadline, you are encouraged to apply at least 6 months prior to the program start date.

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