OzTREKK predeparture tips: what to expect

8 October 2019

OzTREKK predeparture tips: what to expect

The first thing we want to promise you is that something is going to go wrong.

predeparture preparation
No need to feel stressed—OzTREKK is here to help!

Not what you wanted to hear, right?

But guess what? We’ve got your back. Our From Eh to Oz Predeparture Prep Guide is designed to assist you in all things predep—including anticipating all the things that could go wrong.

Our goal at the office is to try to ensure that the thing that goes wrong isn’t giant, but that’s you’re prepared for it! You’re travelling around the world, you’re losing days, you’re bringing luggage and your stomach is full of nerves. A little hiccup here or there is really a part of the experience, right?

We’ve put together a few tips for you to try to make your first few weeks in Australia a really exciting and enjoyable time!

Be mentally (and physically) prepared for the weather

You’re leaving in the worst of winter and you’re arriving in the best / worst of summer. Take your vitamin C, drink water and get a lot of rest—your body is going to need it. You are going to have a shock. During one orientation, OzTREKK Director Jaime Notman left Ottawa with a -40 degree wind-chill and landed in Brisbane where it was a steamy +33. It was hot. At first you welcome it, but then it’s a bit of a shock to the ol’ body! Hydrate. Rest. Repeat.

Give yourself some time

We totally understand the desire to maximize every minute at home, but don’t forget that you’re making such a giant investment in time and money that you don’t want to short-change it! We recommend giving yourself at least a week to settle, get over jet lag, get your bearings, meet some people and be prepared for the start of classes. If you are hunting for housing when you arrive, you will want to give yourself at least two weeks (sometimes longer!). If the stars align and you have a week off, get yourself to a beach, explore your city, and try to embrace the Aussie lifestyle!

Attend the OzTREKK Orientation

Leading up to your orientation, you will receive an invitation to attend an OzTREKK breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Depending on the number of the students, it may be a casual fish and chips, or it might be a large breakfast. Either way, we promise you, you will not regret going.

During our OzTREKK Orientations, we really aim to give you a head start. By including upper-year students, our aim is to provide a thorough tour involving the best places to sit in class, the secret study spots, and guidance on how to start out strong in your courses. Attending orientation also means you’ll get a really great opportunity to network with your future cohort. You’ll meet fellow Canadians in your program. You’re going to be there for years, so take this opportunity to make some friends when you land!

Get out and explore

Sometimes with all the predeparture prep of immunizations, enrollment, offers and deposits, this fact can be lost: you are going to study at a world-class institution in Australia!

Enjoy it! Spend a little time and prep your “before I leave bucket list” and do some dreaming. You’re in an incredible country and there is a lot to see. Explore the little things (the great night market in the Gold Coast) to the big things (um, the Great Barrier Reef?)—there is a lot to do everywhere.

As one of our dental students remarked, “If you’re bored, it’s not because of your surroundings.”


If you’re getting ready to study in Australia, you’re not alone. OzTREKK is here to help. Please let us know whenever you have any questions or concerns! Email us at info@oztrekk.com or call toll free at 1-866-698-7355.