Mooting 101: Five tips for a successful moot

11 November 2020

You now know what a moot is, how to research your moot, how to prepare for your moot, and your role during the moot. Still looking for tips?

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Well, here are five pieces of advice from Bond Law School students who have been there and done that!

1. Find a simple explanation of the body of law to which the problem relates.

This could be a textbook or a journal article. You want a general overview of the law and how it relates to the issues that you’ll be arguing during your moot.

2. Ensure you have the best ideas and arguments before you go into the court.

Talk to your team members and let them give you feedback as to the strong and weak points of your ideas and arguments. They may be able to point you in a better direction to improve your arguments.

3. Make jot notes of your key points.

It can be hard to speak conversationally with the judge if your only practice has been reading out your fully written argument. Instead, only not down your key points and try practicing using no notes at all. That way you’ll be ready to alter the flow of your argument as you speak with the judge.

4. Focus on your presentation, not your nerves.

Yes, appearing in a moot is nerve wracking, especially if you’ve never done it before, but try to convince yourself that you’re not nervous and instead, divert your attention to what you’re doing — making the best argument you can based on the facts of the problem and the law at hand. Before long, your hands will be steady, and your voice will be confident.

5. Don’t distract the judge.

Avoid clicking a pen, ruffling papers, making large hand gestures, or any similar action that will distract the judge. Remember, you want the judge to focus on your argument.

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