The New World of Work: Griffith University webinars explore your career options

10 November 2020

Griffith University is excited to announce the launch of its New World of Work webinars, a series of live-streamed events offering prospective students an insight into emerging careers.

These sessions are free to attend and will feature panel discussions from Griffith experts from the arts, education, law, health and business.

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Please note, that although these live webinar times are not ideal in Canada, anyone who registers will receive a recording of the webinar by email afterwards.

Arts, Education and Law: Careers of the Future

With the world rapidly adapting in response to the public health pandemic, what does the future of work look like for students in the arts, education and law? What skills will be essential in the new world of work?

This Q&A style live-streamed event will offer practical advice on how you can turn your career plans into a reality in this new environment, how Griffith graduates are right now transforming challenges into opportunities, and the key emerging skills that graduates and professionals need to succeed in this post-pandemic world.

Join Dr Ben Fenton-Smith and a dynamic panel as they explore the forces shaping the future of careers in the arts, education and law.

Date: November 11, 2020
Time: 3 a.m. EST
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Griffith University: Emerging careers in health

How has COVID-19 changed the world of work for health professionals? How will advances in technology impact future health professionals and scientists? What are the employment opportunities for graduates in a post-pandemic world?

A must for international students considering a future career in medicine, dentistry and health, this Q&A-style event will see Griffith experts explore the future of work in the health sector, how the university is creating the best, work-ready health graduates in the world, and the skills necessary to thrive.

Join Professor Andrew Davey and Dr Michelle Bissett as they explore the forces shaping careers in the health sector.

Date: November 12, 2020
Time: 3 a.m. EST
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Business reimagined: an international perspective

How has the COVID-19 pandemic along with digital and technological advancements reshaped the world of business? What is the new thinking on required skills for the new economy?

The world is evolving, with a clear shift away from outdated business models and Griffith University has responded to this time of rapid change with its new Bachelor of Business, a degree designed to equip graduates with the skills to thrive in a post-pandemic world.

This Q&A style live-streamed event will cover how Griffith engages with industry to drive business solutions, current opportunities available for students, and how a Griffith degree will prepare students for challenges and opportunities ahead.

Join Griffith Business School’s Associate Professor Peter Woods and his panel of experts as they explore the forces shaping careers in business.

Date: November 17, 2020
Time: 3 a.m. EST
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