International students see Australian student visa updates

17 August 2020

International students are an integral part of the Australian economy and society, with many students staying in Australia to work once they complete their degree.

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In recognition of the difficulties that international students are presently facing, the government has implemented the following five changes to Australian student visa arrangements:

1. The government will recommence granting international student visas. Although borders are still presently closed, this means that when they do reopen, students will already have their visas and be able to make their arrangements to travel.

2. International students will be able to file a further student visa application for free should they be unable to complete their studies within their original visa validity due to COVID-19.

3. Current student visa holders presently studying outside of Australia due to COVID-19 will be allowed to use that study towards their Australian post-study work visa.

4. Graduates who had a student visa will be eligible to apply for a post-study work visa from outside Australia should they be unable to return due to COVID-19.

5. Additional time will be granted for applicants to provide English language results in cases where COVID-19 has disrupted these services.

These changes are intended to provide assurance for students who are both already in Australia and those unable to travel due to border closures. For more information about student visa changes, please see the latest visa announcement from Department of Education, Skills and Employment.


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