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16 August 2021

The Macquarie Master of Teaching Program

If you’re thinking about pursuing a teaching program in Australia, why not consider Macquarie University? This Sydney-based university offers ample opportunity to foster your passion for education.

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Learn more about becoming a teacher

The university hosted a Master of Teaching webinar on the topic, that acts as a great resource to answer some commonly asked questions. It touches on the course itself and where you can go with this degree. We’ve provided a brief summary of the key points below, for your perusal!

A teaching career is one with strong relational aspects, notes Macquarie educational lecturer, Dr Janet Dutton. So, if you’re after something that involves both challenges and rewards, and the potential to make a difference, then considering a degree in teaching should certainly be on your radar.

Macquarie University has 3 two-year full-time Master of Teaching options for students to consider:

  • Master of Teaching (Primary)
  • Master of Teaching (Secondary)
  • Master of Teaching (Birth to Five)

The primary and secondary programs will include experience in a range of school settings and a large focus on teaching for diversity and inclusion. “Transition to the Profession” events take place throughout the course, to ensure students are ready to go from student to teacher.


For students considering the Master of Teaching (Primary), you’ll need to have a completed bachelor degree which contains at least one year of full-time equivalent studies to the primary school curriculum. Students will then look to choose a specialization in their final year, be it in English or in science, technology and mathematics.

If you’re thinking of the Master of Teaching (Secondary), you’ll need to have a completed bachelor degree which includes two teaching areas.

The first teaching area is generally considered your “major,” or an option that you’ve studied for three years, and have completed six semester-long units in. No more that two of these units can be completed at the first-year level, and a minimum of two units will need to be from the third-year level.

For the second teaching area, often referred to as your “minor,” this will be a subject area that has been studied for a minimum of two years, involving four semester-long units with at least two units being from the second year level or above. Postgraduate studies can be considered to meet the teaching area requirements. Feel free to check out 9:16 of the webinar to get a glimpse at the teaching area options available.

Details as to the courses available and requirements meet the NESA requirements, which is the Australian teaching accreditation body. Some additional tasks, deemed as non-academic requirements, will also need to be completed. Students will need to complete the following tasks, as well:

  • Survey to demonstrate suitability for teaching (this happens when an application is submitted to the university)
  • Literacy and Numeracy tests (students will need to receive a pass mark on these before they’re able to undergo their final year placement, but isn’t something that’s completed at the application phase)
  • Teaching Performance Assessment (takes place in the final teaching placement)


A commonly asked question for students is when will they start teaching? At Macquarie, students can expect placement dates in the first semester. Students will complete a total of 60 days of placement across the duration of the program.

For students intending to return to Canada upon the completion of their teaching degree, they’ll want to be mindful of the required placement days that each province outlines. Depending on where students are looking to return, additional days may need to be arranged.

What Current Students Think

Two current teaching students answered questions on the webinar to help provide insight into the student experience. You can check this out from 12:47! They touch on their highlights, challenges and why they are pursuing a degree in teaching.

Time Stamps

0:00 – Welcome and Intros
1:06 – Dr Janet Dutton Introduction
1:45 – Thinking about teaching?
2:39 – Why become a teacher?
4:13 –  Why Macquarie?
6:15 – What courses are offered?
6:46 – What will you study?
7:38 – Primary: What do I need?
8:15 – Secondary: What do I need?
9:16 – Secondary Teaching Areas
9:5q – Important Recent Developments
11:15 – When do I start teaching?
12:10 – Want more information? Contact details.
12:47 – Current Teaching Student Introductions
15:16 – Highlight of the Master of Teaching so far
28:40 – Why did you choose Macquarie?
34:50 – The course workload
37:15 – Some critical factors for success in teaching
40:01 – What kind of accreditation does each course give you?
41:31 – Can you do the degree online?
45:16 – Employability, are two teaching areas better? (For Secondary)
48:38 – Job skills
50:41 – Unexpected things that have been learned as part of the degree.

If you’d like to get started on an application, the next intake is February 2022.

Macquarie University Teaching Degrees

Program: Master of Teaching (Primary) or (Secondary) or (Birth to Five)
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: February each year
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: No set deadline, but you’re encouraged to apply at least three months before the program starts.

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