CDA announces DAT now available throughout the year

14 February 2022

Are you planning to apply to Australian dental schools? Chances are you’ll need to take the DAT.

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The Canadian Dental Association has recently announced changes to the format of the DAT for 2022. In the past, there were two testing opportunities per year, in November and in February, and the test was administered using paper booklets and computer-readable scoring sheets.

Beginning in 2022, the DAT will be available throughout the year at Prometric professional test centres across Canada. Tests will be administered and scored via computer.

New Registration Process for 2022

1. Read the DAT Candidate Guide.
2. Register on CDA website, marking OzTREKK as a receiver of your DAT score report.
3. CDA will email you with your eligibility ID and a six-month testing window.
4. With your eligibility ID, book a test via the Prometric website.
5. When you arrive at the Prometric test centre to write the DAT, Prometric will verify that your ID exactly matches the info you submitted.
6. Take the test.
7. CDA will email you when your score is available. Scores will be available in approximately four weeks after your test date.
8. CDA will send your score report to OzTREKK.

At the Test Centre

Arrive a minimum of 30 minutes in advance of your test time. You must present two pieces of identification that bear your signature. One of these must be government-issued and must include your photo. Only the government-issued identification listed below will be accepted for photo ID:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • Citizenship card
  • Provincial ID card
  • Certificate of Indian Status

Keep in mind that you’ll be asked to store all your belongings (including purses, wallets, phones, watches, etc.) in a storage locker.

Australian Dental Schools Requiring the DAT

University of Western Australia Dental School
Reading comprehension, biology, and chemistry. Minimum score of 16 required in each section to be considered.

University of Melbourne Dental School
Reading comprehension, biology, chemistry, science total, academic average, and PAT. No minimum score in each section is required.

University of Sydney Dental School
Reading comprehension, biology, chemistry, and PAT. Minimum score of 15 required in each section to be considered.

Dental Schools Without DAT Requirement


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