Careers in Dentistry: Why it’s important to be business-minded when running your own practice

25 August 2021

Looking forward to your career in dentistry? Here’s why it’s important to be both business- and science-minded when running your own practice.

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You went to dental school and learned the intricacies of fixing teeth, but if you’re planning to run your own dental practice, you’ll also need to have a business mindset.

Canadian dentists, Dr Pavi and Dr Geroche, know this all too well. Not long after graduating from the University of Melbourne Doctor of Dental Surgery and returning to Canada to practice, they each opened their own dental clinics. They then realized they would have to be both science- and business-minded if they were going to operate successful practices.

“Business mindset versus science mindset is completely different. Science, you do everything slow, methodical… in business you need to be able to make quick decisions for the information that you have at the time,” says Dr Geroche.

She adds that it’s trial and error. You may make a business decision and later discover that it wasn’t the best decision. However, it was the right thing to do based on what you knew at the time.

Dr Geroche also points out that it’s important to keep an open mind in general and to be flexible in your thinking. If something doesn’t work, then you need to be able to change what you’re doing to accommodate that new business environment or circumstance.

So, even if you’re an expert at pulling teeth or checking gums, don’t be afraid of what you don’t know (and maybe take an extra business course for good measure 😉).

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