What is the Bond Law Legal Skills Centre?

22 September 2021

At Bond Law School’s world-class campus on Queensland’s Gold Coast, law students have full access to outstanding technological resources.

The Bond Law Legal Skills Centre is a landmark industry training facility. It was officially opened by Commonwealth Attorney General the Honourable Philip Ruddock MP in June 2007 following building costs of $10.2 million.

The centre is the first of its kind to integrate the full complement of legal-based training facilities. With purpose-built suites designed for mediation, dispute resolution, professional legal training as well as video conferencing and more, Bond law students will find everything required for training, on site.

inside bond law school moot court
Bond Law School Moot Court

The centrepiece is the full-scale electronic moot court, with an ultra-contemporary courtroom setting and equipped with evidence management systems, video conferencing facilities and video streaming that replicates the very latest technology used in the High Court of Australia. And unlike some universities where only selected students are permitted to use the high-tech moot courts, all Bond Law students have access to the Legal Skills Centre’s e-courtrooms and the opportunity to learn how to use the technology.

Bond Law School Moot Court

Modelled on input provided by judges, legal practitioners and the faculty, this 21st-century facility is designed to give students simulated real-world experience in practicing their legal skills. This showcase facility will ensure all Bond law graduates are fully conversant with the emerging technologies and systems used in today’s most sophisticated courtrooms.  Through providing these facilities, Bond ensures that all law graduates will be able to walk into any courtroom and feel right at home.

Electronic moot court
Bond’s new showcase e-courtroom replicates the latest technology used in the courts of Australia. The courtroom is fully equipped with electronic evidence management systems, video conferencing facilities, wireless networking and video streaming.

With the newer paperless courtrooms being introduced, evidence can be presented in a range of electronic formats and displayed on a series of large plasma screens set around the room. Bond University ensures that processes and facilities replicate actual courtrooms.

The combination of video conferencing and wireless technology also allows for external and international networking. The networking presents the opportunity to accommodate e-moot competitions involving teams from every corner of the globe participating in their electronic moot courts.

All students can use this 21st-century facility throughout the duration of their studies, providing Bond Law graduates the opportunity to walk into any courtroom in Australia, and be fully conversant with the technologies and systems employed.

Ancillary moot courts
An additional medium-sized moot court and two smaller moot courts are available for practice, preparation, and presentations. These facilities are also equipped with the latest courtroom and teaching technologies to support students throughout their studies.

law students in bond law skills room
Inside one of the Bond Law mediation and dispute resolution rooms

Mediation & dispute resolution rooms

The mediation and dispute resolution rooms comprise a suite of eight rooms linked by an interconnecting viewing corridor, enabling tutors to observe all rooms simultaneously through a one-way mirror.

The unique configuration will allow small groups of students to role play a range of mediation and dispute resolution scenarios in a fully professional setting. Tutors will provide feedback on the spot via the one-to-one audio system.

To further aid performance assessment, recording equipment is also integrated into the rooms. Sessions can be recorded and replayed for performance feedback and review. The suite includes two large mediation rooms, four smaller mediation rooms, and two dispute resolution rooms.

Teaching Rooms

PLT Training Facilities
Two large teaching spaces have been dedicated to preparing law graduates for admission, as solicitors, through the Faculty of Law’s Practical Legal Training (PLT) program. A central retractable wall allows these two rooms to be combined into one larger teaching area if required.

Breakout / Workshop rooms
Smaller rooms adjacent to the mediation and dispute resolution suite are available for break-out discussions and meetings.

Case study rooms
Two case study rooms with a seating capacity for 75 and 55 people that are used for larger group lectures and presentations.


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