Just over 20 years ago, JCU set out to establish a medical school in northern Queensland that would not only train students to become professional healthcare providers, but also to create a system of learning that would inspire generations of doctors to serve the areas that are most needed.

4 September 2019 Events

Don’t miss the JCU medicine webinar Sept 9

Do you think studying rural, remote, and tropical medicine sounds like something you would be interested in? Of course, you may be wondering how Canada relates to tropical medicine? Would you like to learn more about the JCU MBBS program? Don’t miss this upcoming webinar!

22 August 2019 Events

JCU medicine and dentistry webinar Aug. 23

OzTREKK’s Medicine Admissions Officer Amanda Rollich has just been to James Cook University, and she can’t wait to share her experiences with everyone interested in learning more about studying medicine or dentistry at Australia’s Tropical University!