Medical School

How to Apply

Learn how to apply to Australian medical schools. We've listed medical school entry requirements, prerequisite courses, admissions tests, and more.


Follow along as we guide you through the step-by-step process of applying to medical programs in Australia!

We know there’s a lot of information on this page, but don’t worry—our medicine admissions officers will be right there with you. If you have questions or concerns at any stage in the process, we are just a call or an email away!​

Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

1. Eligibility

Determining Your Eligibility

Eligibility is based on several factors and differs between undergraduate- and graduate-entry programs.

Main Assessment Criteria

  • Postgraduate: GPA, MCAT, interview
  • Undergraduate: GPA, ISAT (depending on university), interview

To Determine Your Eligibility

Minimum vs Competitive Requirements

It’s important to distinguish between minimum and competitive requirements as they can vary significantly. Minimum requirements are defined by each university and are the lowest scores (GPA, MCAT) required to be eligible to apply for a program. Competitive requirements are the minimum scores that receive an offer.

Each year, OzTREKK receives thousands of applications for medical schools in Australia. We ensure every application we submit is not only eligible, but also considered competitive. Because of this, OzTREKK students are among the most competitive international applicants, having high offer rates. It is our goal to be honest and transparent about the competitiveness of your application because meeting the minimum requirements does not mean you’ll be a competitive applicant. Sometimes applicants decide to apply to a different program—and we can help with that, too!

Check out our helpful FAQs for more insight on eligibility!

2. Apply Online

Start Your Application

Fill out the OzTREKK application.

Don’t worry! This application only comes to us. Think of it as your starting point: It’s nothing more than you telling us which med programs you’re interested in so we can ensure you don’t miss a deadline.

What to expect on the application
The basics! Your full name, address, program of interest, etc., plus your educational history—so have start and graduation dates handy. If you can’t remember your exact start or grad date, just put an estimate.

Once you’ve pressed “Submit,” an OzTREKK admissions officer will contact you to outline your next steps, and will list which documents you’ll need to send to our office. Again, we aim to make sure you never miss a deadline!

If you’d like to make changes to your application or to your program selection, don’t stress. We can adjust anything as we go!

3. Submit Documents

Submit Your Documents to OzTREKK

You’ve pressed “Submit” on your OzTREKK application and you’re ready for the next step.

We have everything you need to know about the required documentation for each medicine program in our handy checklists:

Where do I send my documents?
All application documents, aside from your official transcripts*, should be emailed to our medicine admissions officers in PDF format:

*Transcripts in their original, sealed envelopes must be mailed to the OzTREKK office or emailed directly from your school to our office:

How do I know OzTREKK received my documents?
As soon as we receive your transcripts (whether by email or by post), and the other required documents, we will let you know—every time. Just keep an eye on your inbox!

When do I send my documents?
The earlier the better! We’ll need all documents sent to us before the application deadlines; the earlier we have them, the more guidance we can provide. You can also send them along gradually, as you get them. We’ll take care of keeping you organized.

Fast Facts

  • Even if you apply to multiple universities, you only need to send one copy of your documents.
  • All our university partners accept OzTREKK-certified transcripts. Once they have our stamp of approval (yes, a literal stamp), they’re good to go!
  • Most universities waive their application fees for OzTREKK students.
  • You will be kept up to date with your application status: outstanding documents, which applications have been submitted, upcoming deadlines, etc.

4. OzTREKK Submits Application

OzTREKK Submits Your Complete Application(s)

Once all your documents are in, OzTREKK will submit your application to the university! We’ll send you a confirmation email and provide estimated interview and outcome dates.

Now what?
This is the waiting period that can sometimes feel uncomfortable. While your applications are under assessment, you’ll receive exclusive access to the OzTREKK Med Lounge—for everything you need to know in this phase! This will include

  • interview tips;
  • info to help you discover your med school preferences;
  • resources for confident decision-making if you receive an offer (or multiple offers!);
  • financing information (including contacts); and
  • community connections (OzTREKK Facebook group and more!).


Have a look through our most frequently received medical school FAQs, including prerequisites, program titles, and much more! If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us. We’re here to help!

Which prerequisites do I need?

Prerequisite courses vary by university and by program. We’ve listed university- and program-specific requirements on each program’s page under “Admissions Requirements.”

Do I need to take an admissions test?

The MCAT is required for all graduate-entry medical programs except Monash University’s.

The ISAT is required for the undergraduate-entry medical programs at Monash University and the University of Western Australia.

How do universities calculate GPA?

Calculations differ by university, but most use cumulative (all units within a program) or weighted GPA (typically last 2 or 3 years of study). See GPA Calculations for more information.

Can I apply to medical school straight from high school?

If coming straight from high school without any further studies, you are eligible to apply to all six undergraduate-entry medicine programs. Some universities require that applicants have completed Grade 12 (or equivalent) no more than two years previously.

Can I apply to a medical program with a partially or fully completed diploma/certificate/degree?

To apply to a graduate-entry medical program, you’ll need a completed bachelor’s degree. With a partially or fully completed diploma/certificate, you may apply to the undergraduate programs at James Cook University and Macquarie University.

Which medical programs can I apply to with my undergraduate degree?

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you’re eligible to apply to all listed graduate-entry (MD) programs and to the undergraduate-entry programs at James Cook University and Macquarie University.

Important to know

  • Some medical programs require substantial science-based studies. Monash University requires considerable biomedical science and the University of Queensland requires cell and tissue biology and system physiology. Please visit the university-specific medicine pages for details.
  • You’ll also need a valid MCAT (check individual program pages for validity timeframes) for all grad-entry medical programs, except Monash’s Bachelor of Medical Science / Doctor of Medicine.

Should I apply to undergraduate- or graduate-entry medical degrees?

If you don’t have an undergraduate degree, or don’t want to use your MCAT, you may be eligible to apply to an undergraduate-entry medical program. Keep in mind that some undergrad medical programs are only open to

  • current Grade 12 students; or
  • applicants who have completed Grade 12 (or equivalent) no more than two years previously and have not since undertaken any post-secondary studies.

Which biomedical courses do I need for the graduate-entry Monash medicine program?

How do I know if I meet the University of Queensland MD prerequisites?

To apply to the UQ MD, you will need to check to see if you meet the Integrative Cell & Tissue Biology and Systems Physiology prerequisites. Search by course code to see if your university is listed in the UQ Credit Database.

Your GPA doesn’t meet the minimum

If your GPA doesn’t meet the minimum requirement for your program of interest, OzTREKK is not able to submit the application. Depending on the program, your options will vary:

1. Complete another degree
GPA is a tricky requirement, as each university / department has their own way of assessing. If you don’t meet the minimum GPA to apply, this may mean you will need to complete another degree (whether it’s a bachelor or master will depend on the university and program).

Unfortunately, while many students undertake additional courses with the hope of boosting their GPA, any non-award courses taken outside your most recently completed degree will not be considered in your overall GPA assessment.

2. Apply to another program
If you’re interested in health care, consider completing a degree in pharmacy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, etc. instead, as long as your GPA meets the minimum requirements.

Best Fit

Finding Your Best Fit

Play around with our compare programs feature to determine which program might be the best fit for you.

For first-person accounts of what Australian medical programs are really like, have a look at what our OzTREKK Ambassadors have to say!

Remember, we’re here for you throughout the entire process, so always feel free to ask us questions. You deserve the right to feel comfortable and confident with your decision, and we’ll do whatever we can to support you.

Happy applying!