Top 5 questions we get asked about studying in Australia

6 April 2022

What’s the deal with studying in Australia? How does it work, and what’s in it for me?

At OzTREKK, we get hundreds of questions per day, and we’re here to answer them all. But what are the most common questions we get, you’re wondering?

australian beach with blue water
Would you like to study in Australia?

We’ve travelled the country from coast to coast chatting with students about their dreams, fears, and every question under the sun about studying in Australia. Every question matters and every question is important, but some come up more than others. Let’s look at the most common questions we get across all programs of study.

1. Why should I study in Australia when there are so many great Canadian universities?
We’re all thinking it: what is the big hype here with jetting off across the world to study in Australia?

For those of you looking at professional programs like medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, law, and more, Australia boasts some of the world’s top-ranked programs and universities. With levels of competition for these programs in Canada through the roof, your chances of making these dreams become reality as an international student in Australia are strong.

Studying abroad is consistently deemed as one of the “best experiences of your life” according to our OzTREKK students. Not only are you embarking on an incredible educational journey, you are also setting out on a personal expedition that will change your outlook on the world—and on yourself—for the rest of your life.

We’re talking Australia here! Home to the most beautiful beaches on the planet; more than 500 national parks; the iconic Great Barrier Reef; a handful of the most liveable cities in the world; and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, just to name a few!

2. Can I bring my skills and training back to Canada?
The short answer is, yes! Every university we work with is fully accredited and gives Canadian students the option of bringing their qualifications back to their home country. Each program area is slightly different, which is why we’ve made it a priority to help keep you informed with all the information you need about licensing details back here in Canada, as well as in Australia.

Stay tuned for our next medical accreditation webinar, or browse through our online Licensing page to get started. It’s important to do your research beforehand, to ensure that you can practice your profession back here in Canada. We’ll help you understand the process.

3. How can I finance my studies in Australia?
Studying abroad in Australia does come with its costs, as you will be considered an international student and therefore charged international student fees. OzTREKK students typically finance their studies using

  • professional student lines of credit;
  • Canadian student loans;
  • and personal / family savings.

Yes, that’s right. You can use Canadian provincial student loans in Australia. There are several financing options to explore, and we can help you get started!

4. Will I meet other Canadian students?
Yes, definitely! OzTREKK sends more than 500 students to Australia each year and Canadians generally make up a large portion of the international student body on campus.

The people you will meet in Australia often become friends for life, and that is not limited to just your fellow Canadians. Each campus has a diverse study with Australians, Canadians, and students from all over the world.

Check out what our OzTREKK student ambassadors have to say.

5. Spiders, snakes, lizards… should I be scared?
This question comes up almost every day! Spiders, snakes, bugs… how many are there? Will I see them every day? In my house? Are they dangerous?

Australia is home to some of the world’s most diverse wildlife, including many different species of spiders, insects, and reptiles. So yes, you will see some while you’re in Australia! The good news is that they do not pose as a huge threat; in fact, spiders are less life-threatening than bees!

Worry not, friends, and instead set your sights on the incredible wildlife you’ll be able to explore across the country!


Do you have any questions about how you can study in Australia? Shoot us an email at or call us toll-free in Canada at 1-866-698-7355.