Macquarie University

Master of Speech and Language Pathology



University Location North Ryde, New South Wales
City Population 5 million
Student Population 40,200
Int'l Student Population 8,600
Main Campus North Ryde
Program Campus North Ryde
Program Duration 2 years
Estimated Annual Tuition $52,400 AUD (2021 fees; subject to increase)
Semester Intake February
Next Available Intake February 2022
Application Deadline October 30 each year*
International Places 5


The Master of Speech and Language Pathology (MSLP) at Macquarie University began in 2001. It prepares graduates for the profession of speech pathology, enabling them to work clinically with individuals with developmental or acquired communication disorders.

The program enables individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree in a related field to qualify as speech pathologists in two years and to obtain a master’s degree. It follows the Speech Pathology Association of Australia Competency Based Standards for Speech Pathologists and is accredited by the Speech Pathology Association of Australia.


Macquarie’s speech pathology program will provide you with basic knowledge of both institutional and societal structures as well as political influences of importance to individuals with disabilities. This is aimed to increase your understanding of optimal ways of facilitating participation and advocacy for individuals with communication impairments.

Key benefits

  • Provides both a specialist and a multidisciplinary holistic approach to language and communication
  • Offers extensive clinical practicum experiences, ensuring you have maximum exposure to individuals demonstrating the full range of communication and swallowing disabilities
  • Covers a range of topics including intercultural communication, neuroanatomy, psycho-linguistics, and aphasia
  • Offers access to the Macquarie University Speech and Hearing Clinic

The clinical portion consists of supervised clinical practice in both on- and off-campus clinics across a variety of settings. These include hospitals, schools, community health centres, and nursing homes. You will attend clinic one day per week during each semester, and in four-week blocks at the end of each semester. You will also attend specialist clinic observations throughout the course.

Admission Requirements

Completed bachelor’s degree
You must have completed an undergraduate degree (preferably in the fields of linguistics or psychology) with a minimum cumulative average of at least 75% to be considered. Applicants with degrees in related areas, such as teaching, allied health, medicine, or nursing, will be considered on an individual basis; some bridging coursework may be required.

Various prerequisite subjects include Language Description, Introduction to Psychology, Introductory Statistics, Statistical Data Analysis, Phonetics and Phonology, Introduction to Psycholinguistics or First Language Acquisition, Physiological Psychology and Learning, Developmental Psychology, Cognition and Perception, Speech Physiology, Human Biology, Grammar and Meaning, Developmental Speech and Language Disorders, and Acquired Speech and Language Disorders.

If a successful applicant does not meet all prerequisites, a conditional offer will be issued by Macquarie University, which outlines a qualifying program that must be completed prior to beginning the Master of Speech and Language Pathology. The student’s qualifying program will consist of the prerequisite units not already completed. Upon completion of these prerequisite units, the student is eligible to accept the offer to the master’s program. The qualifying program prerequisite units can be completed at Macquarie University (either on campus or in external/distance education mode) or via a Canadian university which offers subjects deemed equivalent to Macquarie’s prerequisite subjects.

Please note the above criteria are minimum requirements. Due to the clinical nature of this program, spaces are limited; therefore, entry is competitive. Meeting eligibility criteria does not guarantee a place in the program.

Admission Timeline

*While the application deadline is October 30 each year, you are encouraged to apply as early as possible.


“I’ve had some incredible clinical educators that I’ve learned so much from”

I love it. It feels like a home away from home. There are so many services and activities offered, the facilities are lovely, I'm very pleased. I'm enjoying every minute. It's almost going by too fast! The staff are highly educated and supportive, they're approachable and kind. I'm also enjoying my clinical placements, I've had some incredible clinical educators that I've learned so much from and am so grateful for. I feel like I could talk for days about this!

Macquarie University Danielle R
Master of Speech and Language Pathology
Macquarie University, 2019