The UWA Law School and University of Denver JD Partnership

24 September 2020

Introducing the UWA Law School and University of Denver JD Partnership!

If you’re interested in the international experience and being legally qualified in two countries, then the University of Western Australia and University of Denver partnership for the Juris Doctor program is something you should consider. This dual program will see you obtain two Juris Doctor degrees in four years, which means you’ll be able to practice in both jurisdictions!

Discover more about studying at UWA Law School
Discover more about studying at UWA Law School

The format is a 2+1+1, wherein students will complete the first two years of their Juris Doctor in Perth, Australia. The remaining two years will then be completed at the partner institution, the Strum College of Law at the University of Denver. In the third year, students will obtain credit for their first degree, and it will be treated as an International Exchange. The fourth year will be the additional year which ensures students obtain a degree from both institutions.

In order to access this program option students will need to successfully complete their first 2 years of study at UWA with a weighted average mark minimum of 65%. A valid LSAT will also be necessary (as per the US requirements), but this has the potential to be waived in the future.

Students will be able to decide whether they start their studies in Denver in semester 1 or 2, and upon completion of any further professional qualifications required, can begin to practice law in the US or Australia.

Student degree pathway

  • Years 1 and 2: Postgraduate study at home institution (either DU or UWA)
  • Year 3: Complete third year of study at partner institution on exchange*
  • Year 4: Complete fourth year of study at partner institution and earn a Juris Doctor degree from both DU and UWA

*During the third year of study as an exchange student at the partner institution, students will gain credit towards their home institution degree for the units they’ve completed. Upon completion of the third year of study, students have the opportunity to stay at the partner institution for an additional year to gain a Juris Doctor degree from both institutions. Dual degree students must be admitted to the JD program at the partner institution before starting the year 3 “exchange” year.

Dual degree program – Juris Doctor

A successful career in a demanding profession requires comprehensive training. The Juris Doctor gives you the knowledge and skills necessary to become the lawyer you want to be and a lawyer the world needs. Graduates of the program will be eligible to apply for licensure in both the US and Western Australia. Students in the program will have access to unique networking opportunities with partners in Denver and Perth, truly taking their education and career global.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from the very best of the legal profession as well as academic staff recognised nationally for excellence in teaching and research. You can participate in practical skill-building programs including mooting (legal advocacy) competitions and internships, and build lifelong friendships with a talented, diverse and vibrant cohort of future leaders.


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