UQ Medical School introduces the new Doctor of Medicine

16 January 2014

As promised, here is your latest update from UQ Medical School regarding the proposed Doctor of Medicine (MD) program commencing semester 1, 2015!

UQ Medical School
Study medicine at UQ Medical School

As of 2015, the University of Queensland intends to introduce a Doctor of Medicine (MD) program, a four-year graduate-entry program, which will replace the current four-year Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program. As a graduate medical training qualification, the MD will meet the Level 9 criteria for an extended master’s degree under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The current MBBS is classified as a bachelor program and is a level 7 qualification in the AQF.
The Doctor of Medicine award is widely recognized internationally. Over the next decades there will be increased global mobility of medical graduates and having an MD degree will facilitate our graduates’ international opportunities.
Replacing the MBBS with an MD will also ensure the UQ medical program remains aligned with medical programs from other comparable research-intensive universities in Australia. Equally important, the MD degree will feature an enhanced research component which will provide students with greater knowledge and skills in research methodology and experience. The University of Queensland is a research-rich environment from which students will benefit. The enhanced research exposure will prove to be an advantage for graduates in an increasingly competitive health-care arena.The Doctor of Medicine program will require a minimum of a 3-year bachelor degree for entry.

About the UQ Medical School Program

Program:  Doctor of Medicine (MD) commencing 2015
Location: Brisbane or Ipswich, Queensland
Semester intake: January
Duration: 4 years
Application deadline: Applications for the January 2015 intake are expected to open in early 2014. Please contact Australian Medical Schools Admissions Officer Miss Broghan Dean at broghan@oztrekk.com for details about the MD program at UQ Medical School.

Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Medical Schools Admissions Officer Broghan Dean at any time for more information about the MD program at UQ Medical School or if you have questions about medical schools in Australia. Email Broghan at broghan@oztrekk.com or call toll free in Canada at 1 866-698-7355.