Tips from OzTREKK students who are studying online

16 November 2020

Starting at an Australian university next year?

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We asked OzTREKK students in years 1 and 2 for advice about getting the most out of their studies, and here’s what they said about studying online.

Studying Tips

Whether you are starting online next year, or will be facing more social distancing measures on campus and in-person sessions, these are some OzTREKK student tips to set you up for success:

  • Seek out study groups and connect virtually outside of class.
  • Access past years lectures in Blackboard and look for extra study materials to supplement
  • If unable to attend in-person sessions, find a clinical skills coach who can demonstrate for you if at all possible, so you aren’t relying on recorded sessions.
  • Get a copy of the syllabi from a current student. It gives you a good early feel for the program.
  • Get familiarize with the apps you’ll be using like Blackboard, Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Notion, Notability, Anki, Notea
  • When everything is online, buying physical textbooks can make it easier to focus.
  • Buy a good PDF editor to mark up your readings, especially if using PDF textbooks.
  • Get comfortable with the online lecture platform before classes start
  • Don’t fall behind. If you do, keep up with the current week and catch up in your spare time.

Time Management

Many of us have had to learn to work more independently this past year. Here are some students tips for managing their schedules and staying motivated:

  • Use an agenda to organize your schedule and stick to a routine. Learn to use a time zone converter.
  • Get involved, ask questions, participate! Don’t sit back and relax just because it’s easier to.
  • Separate your work and chill space, and keep your workspace distraction-free.
  • Keep a routine, but switch things up to stay motivated. Take breaks and get outside!
  • Don’t fall behind. If you do, keep up with the current week and catch up in your spare time.
  • Set the time on at least one of your devices to the local time at your university to reduce stress.

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