Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy staff and students battle it out on World Pharmacists Day

4 November 2015

The Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy and Sydney University Pharmacy Student Association celebrated World Pharmacists Day on the 25th September with a range of activities aimed at raising money for mental health charity Headspace.

University of Sydney Pharmacy School
Webster Packing competition (Photo credit: University of Sydney)

Staff and students competed against each other in soccer, dodge ball, trivia and a Webster packing competition.
“The staff absolutely destroyed the students in soccer,” said the Sydney University Pharmacy Association (SUPA) Sports Officer Simi Kaur; however, staff members were soon left trailing behind the students, who surged ahead in the Webster packing competition.
The day was also celebrated with a barbecue and pharmacy-themed baked goods were sold to raise funds for Headspace. When discussing this year’s choice of charity the SUPA committee commented, “[Headspace] is the national youth mental health foundation, and SUPA wants to get on board with raising awareness about any difficult times our students and friends may be experiencing. We want to remove the stigma attached with mental illness and make sure everyone is okay.”
The event was well attended by both staff and students and in particular, it was great to see so many first- and second-year pharmacy students involved. Members from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Mediadvice, SHPA, NAPSA and Webstercare were in attendance to show their support.
The 25th September was declared World Pharmacists Day several years ago by FIP,the International Pharmaceutical Federation. Through organised activities, World Pharmacists Day is an annual event that seeks to promote and advocate for pharmacists and their objective to improve health internationally.
University of Sydney Pharmacy School
Student soccer team (Photo credit: University of Sydney)

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  • If you have commenced or completed a university degree or any post-secondary studies, your most recent studies will be assessed in terms of your grades. If you have not completed the necessary prerequisite subjects in your post-secondary studies, your high school transcripts will then be assessed for prerequisite subjects. Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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