Studying occupational therapy at Bond University

28 May 2021

You’ve probably heard a lot about rehabilitation science programs like physiotherapy or chiropractic, but what is occupational therapy?

ergonomic desk set-up
As an occupational therapist, you may assist people with their desk set-ups

What is occupational therapy?
Occupational therapy, or OT, is a client-centered profession that helps people participate in their daily activities. Those activities could be anything from getting dressed in the morning or brushing your teeth to accessing the community or returning to your place of work after an injury.

What can you do with an occupational therapy degree?
Occupational therapists work with people at all stages of life—from birth to death, which means they can be found in a wide variety of places. Familiar workspaces include hospitals, community centres, aged care facilities, schools, or private practice clinics. However occupational therapy graduates can also work in less expected places like policy making in the government or research and academia.

What’s an example of something an occupational therapist might help with?
One example of something an occupational therapist can help with is something that everyone needs—setting up their work or study space. So, how exactly would an occupational therapist help with this?

To start with, there’s no singular solution for everyone when it comes to setting up a study space. Everyone is a different size and height. So, the first thing an occupational therapist will assess is the individual.

From there, an occupational therapist will consider what the person needs to do, or their “occupation.” We often think of an occupation as a job, but for an occupational therapist, it’s the activity that the person is trying to accomplish. If you’re preparing your study space, the occupation you’re preparing for is studying.

The final component of setting up your space is the environment. This takes into consideration where you’re working and what you’re using to work. An occupational therapist will look at your chair and desk to see how they align for you and your posture. They may suggest using an adjustable ergonomic chair or switching between sitting on a standard kitchen chair to working standing up at your kitchen counter. They may also suggest that you get a separate keyboard and mouse and raise your laptop up so your screen is at eye-level.

Want to know more about setting up your study space?
Check out this video from a Bond University live events.

About the Bond Master of Occupational Therapy program

Program: Master of Occupational Therapy
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Trimester intakes: May and September
Next available intake: September 2021
Duration: 2 calendar years (6 semesters)
Application deadline: No set deadline. You’re encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Entry requirements: The minimum academic entry requirement is an undergraduate degree in health sciences or other related degree with

  • one semester of anatomy,
  • one semester of physiology, and
  • two semesters of psychology or sociology or behavioural science.

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