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16 January 2014

Criminology involves the study of crime, the criminal justice system and a host of related matters such as criminal law, policing and punishment. The University of Sydney offers students interested in studying criminology a comprehensive pathway from undergraduate study to a specialized postgraduate qualification.

Sydney Law School
You can study criminology at Sydney Law School

Studying criminology at the University of Sydney gives students a broader understanding of the interaction between the practice of criminal law and disciplines such as sociology, psychology, public policy and other cultural aspects of the criminal justice system. The program includes a diverse range of subjects to choose from, where contemporary questions about crime can be discussed within the framework of current research.

About Criminology at the University of Sydney

Upon completion of an undergraduate degree, students can enroll in the most established criminology program in Australia, studying the specialist Master of Criminology offered by the prestigious Sydney Law School. This degree will expand and consolidate the student’s knowledge of crime and criminal justice, facilitated by some of Australia’s leading criminologists.
The Master of Criminology (MCrim) program at Sydney Law School is among the largest and most respected in Australia. The program contains a broad field of interdisciplinary units, presented by some of Australia’s foremost criminologists, all with international reputations and expertise. Students will study core units including Crime Research and Policy, Criminal Liability and Explaining Crime, with a choice of a range of electives such as Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Psychology, Indigenous Peoples and Criminal Justice, Policing Australian Society, International and Comparative Criminal Justice and Environmental Criminology, to name just a few.
Studying criminology is more than going to classes—it is about the opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge research culture fostered through the Institute of Criminology. The Institute is over 40 years strong and is one of Australia’s key criminology and criminal justice research and public education centres. The publishing and public education activities of the institute place its members and students at the forefront of debates in critical criminology and criminal justice policy developments.
Choosing to study criminology with the experts at the Sydney Law School ensures students graduate from the most established and reputable criminology program in Australia.
Semester intakes: March or July
Admission requirements

  • a bachelor degree with a minimum credit average from the University of Sydney in law, psychology or other appropriate discipline as determined by the Faculty, or an equivalent qualification; or
  • a bachelor degree from the University of Sydney, or an equivalent qualification; and the applicant provides evidence of professional experience or of a period of service (normally of several years in duration) which in the opinion of the Dean adequately prepares the applicant to undertake the course of study; or
  • completion of the requirements of the Graduate Diploma in Criminology with a minimum credit average, or an equivalent qualification.

About Sydney Law School’s Juris Doctor

Sydney Law School is Australia’s first. Since its inception, it has been at the forefront of developments associated with both the teaching and research of law. Its strong sense of commitment to the fundamentals of law is combined with a commitment to innovation and the exploration of issues at the cutting edge.
The Sydney JD comprises the core legal subjects required throughout the world for professional accreditation coupled with the study of a wide range of elective subjects which allows advanced learning in both specialized fields and law in general. Teaching and learning methodology includes a wide range of formats to allow individual choice, a deep understanding of the law, independent research and the development of the skills and ethics inherent in modern professional practice.
To be eligible to apply to the Sydney Law School JD, you must have the following:

  • Completed an undergraduate degree;
  • Achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average (cGPA) of at least 3.0/4.0


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