Professional development webinar for future veterinarians

4 November 2020

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If you’re considering a career as a veterinarian, or if you’re looking for some professional development opportunities, you won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar featuring Jason Shute, a certified master dog trainer and dog behavior specialist.

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Jason will be chatting about the historical overview of the evolution of dog training and behavioral science, the current trends in dog training, a new perspective on the art and science of dog training, and all about his international experience with dog rescue and training. Jason will be answering all your questions and highlighting how his life’s work can help you as a veterinarian!

As part of OzTREKK’s outreach team, I often chat to students at the very beginning of the process. Students who have already or are ready to start applying to their vet programs, both in Canada and Australia. I meet students who have worked hard towards their professional endeavours: gaining volunteer hours, working with colleagues in their field and trying to gain as much as they can to prepare them for their career as a veterinarian.

OzTREKK helps students each year with their applications to Australian veterinary medicine programs and their journey to Australia, but next week we’ll be helping you with not only your applications, but also by giving you additional insight from an expert on your career path.

In a few years, many of you will be practicing as a veterinarian, and working with our four-legged family members. But, as you know, a big part of your profession will be building relationships with these animals, interacting with them in an often vulnerable or nervous state, and proving a safe environment for them and yourselves.

Jason Shute is going to be giving valuable insight on just that: how the art of dog training can help you build relationships with your furry patients and provide a safe, comfortable environment as a veterinarian.

About Jason Shute
Having personally worked with Jason to help train my dog, Oliver, I speak from experience when I tell you he is amazing. His passion for dogs and the relationship he builds with them is truly remarkable. Jason has dedicated his life to helping animals and giving others tools to do the same. He doesn’t just train dogs; he trains you how to train your dog—whether you’re a new dog parent, a veteran in need of a service dog, an officer working with your canine colleague, or a veterinarian looking to connect better with your patients (that will be you!).

Jason’s five-star reviews, his extremely long list of credentials, and extensive experience are a testament to this! Jason has worked with dogs in so many capacities, from his own business and classes, to therapy dogs, K9 services, rehabilitating street dogs, and consistently travelling internationally helping people across the world. His education background includes studying the art and science of dog training at the Michael Ellis School for Professional Dog trainers in California, apprenticeship with Master dog trainer Dave McMahon, and the Science of Working Dogs with Professional Animal Behaviour Associated at the University of Guelph.

Jason is consistently broadening his repertoire with seminars, consulting, travelling and working with animal service organizations. Oh, and he’s been featured in local newspapers and won quite a few awards for his work! I highly encourage you to check out Jason Shute’s full list of awards and work!

Jason is looking forward to chatting with you about his true passion and is excited to answer all your questions!

Dog Training, Behavioural Science & Veterinary Medicine with Jason Shute

Date: November 10, 2020
Time: 7 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. MST / 4 p.m. PST
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Sarah O’Shea
OzTREKK Territory Manager, Eastern Canada