A pharmacy degree that will turn you into a medicines superhero

26 April 2018

Pharmacy is a rewarding career, but it’s also a challenging and demanding one.

A pharmacist’s technical knowledge needs to be matched by his or her communication skills. In most cases, a pharmacist is dealing directly with people and requires the ability to convey information well and to understand patients’ concerns.

A pharmacy degree that will turn you into a medicines superhero
Find out how you can get a pharmacy degree from the #1 pharmacy school in Australia—Monash!

When the #2 pharmacy school in the world looks for students to join their faculty, they seek those who are both academically able and willing to learn the soft skills that are so vital for success in this profession—not only communication, but also teamwork, emotional empathy and the ability to make good judgments.

If you hold a relevant degree (as described below), you may be able to enter into the third year of the Monash University Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) program, receiving credit for much of the first two years. Students also have the option to continue into the Master of Pharmacy and graduate with two degrees in only three years.

When you enter the Monash Pharmacy degree via the graduate-entry pathway, you will complete a pass/fail unit that runs just over five weeks and must be passed in order to receive credit for the first two years of the degree. The unit is run in the summer semester (January – February). When you  successfully complete the summer unit, you will then enter the third year of the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons).

Next semester intake: January 2019
Application deadline: Dec. 7, 2018; however, Canadian applicants are strongly encouraged to apply before the end of September for the January intake.

Am I eligible?

You will be eligible for graduate entry if you have a minimum average of 70% and have graduated from a relevant degree in the last 10 years. Relevant degrees include

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science / Bachelor of Biomedicine/ Bachelor of Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science with subject completions in chemistry, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and mathematics.

If you’ve graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Monash Pharmacy will take into account the number of relevant subjects you’ve completed, including

  • chemistry
  • physiology
  • biochemistry
  • pharmacology
  • mathematics

Receive a $4,000 relocation grant. The university offers a grant to all eligible international students who study pharmacy at Monash!

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