A perfect day spent on the Gold Coast

2 March 2020

From 2013–2015, I had the opportunity and privilege to live in the Gold Coast. I moved to Australia in January 2013 with my fiancé who was completing his law degree at Bond University.

Over the next few years I learned how to adjust to a new city and new surroundings (it took me about three months to feel settled). Once the home sickness feelings went away I began to enjoy being able to go to new restaurants, go on hikes and enjoy the time that I had in this city, which I knew would eventually come to an end.

A perfect day spent in the Gold Coast
January 2013, my first week in Australia and first time at Bond University. Little did I know that a year later I would begin my career in education in the building behind me.

Over my time in Australia I visited the most beautiful cities, travelled to Asia multiple times, and went to the best music festivals and sporting events. However, in this blog I want to talk about my ideal day in the Gold Coast, the city that I called home. If I was to return and soak everything in again my day would look something like this….

6:15 a.m. – Wake up and get a flat white at one of the independent coffee chains found near the sea wall
The coffee culture in Australia is amazing. You will not find many coffee chains around, as there is a huge demand for authentic coffee. A flat white is slowly emerging in Canada, but it has been around Australia for years. It is the happy medium between a latte and an Americano misto.

6:30 a.m. – Begin your walk along the sea wall to watch the sunrise

A perfect day spent in the Gold Coast
Don’t miss a Surfers Paradise sunrise

This isn’t just any sunrise, this is a sunrise that you will want to wake up at 6 in the morning to see. The sun rises over the ocean and completely transforms the sky into cotton-candy-coloured clouds. The seawall in the Gold Coast stretches for 52 km.

9 a.m. – Head to Q1 for a buffet breakfast and views
Okay, so this breakfast is bomb, but the views are next level. Q1 is the sixth tallest residential building in the world and the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. Through its ceiling-to-floor windows you will get a 360°-view of the Gold Coast. Enough said.

11 a.m. – Go to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Everyone comes to Australia with a goal to hold a koala and touch a kangaroo. You can do both here! When you go to the kangaroo sanctuary you will see maybe 50 kangaroos jumping around—but mostly sleeping.

A perfect day spent in the Gold Coast
Q1’s SkyPoint Observation deck views are incredible!

1 p.m. – Get lunch in Burleigh Heads
A 10-minute walk from Palm Beach is the little town of Burleigh Heads. It has a ton of restaurants and again, beautiful oceanfront patios on which you can relax and enjoy.

3 p.m. – Relax in Palm Beach
And just a 10-minute walk from Burleigh Heads is Palm Beach. It has been voted the cleanest beach in Australia for two years in a row. You can paddleboard or kayak here.

5 p.m. – Drive/bus/tram to Pacific Fair Shopping Center for shopping
Pacific Center has been completely renovated since I left and is now the most beautiful mall I’ve ever seen! Since it’s sunny in the Gold Coast 90% of the year, they have the ability to set up most of their stores outside. Each food outlet has their own outdoor space, so even a fast-food spot feels very posh and classy.

A perfect day spent in the Gold Coast
Visit the roos at Currumbin!

8 p.m. – Have dinner and drinks at Vapiano
This was the place I took all my friends to when they visited me. It’s an Italian restaurant with amazing pasta and pizza, but with a very modern vibe. The patio overlooks Surfers Paradise so it’s a really fun place to people watch and have some drinks. Everyone I took here still talks about it to this day.

That’s a wrap!

I’m always available to chat to anyone who will be relocating to the Gold Coast or just plans to visit during their stay in Australia. I love the country so much and I know you will find something in Australia that speaks to you and makes the whole experience extremely worthwhile.


Are you interested in studying law at an Australian university? Want to get in touch with Kati for more info about moving to Australia, or even just to swap Australia stories? Email her at kati@oztrekk.com.