OzTREKK students review the Melbourne DVM

25 September 2019

Have you applied to the Melbourne Veterinary School? Wondering what the program is like? Don’t take our word for it! Read our student reviews about the Melbourne DVM! (P.S. Check out the star ratings—these students are serious!)

University of Melbourne Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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“Love my program and the weather so far! I will definitely add more favourites to my list. Love the program, very hands on and the professors are very personal. Melb uni has an amazing teaching staff. I am already getting a lot I hands on experience and am able to talk to every professor on a one on one basis.”

“Program, weather, Canadian students. Dislike- New & there are many things to get used to. Like- set number of students for program, and instructors/prof. all seemed to be consider students and subjects carefully. I would recommend Melbourne if anyone is interested in Vet Medicine.”

“I like the new culture, the weather and the Australian plants, trees, and animals! Everyone here is super friendly, as well and helpful when I get lost (which has been quite often in the first month of arriving!). I love my DVM program. I feel that the instructors truly care about how each student is progressing and that the University has put a lot of time and effort into planning an amazing hands-on and comprehensive program to teach future veterinarians. I feel confident that the DVM program at the University of Melbourne will prepare me to be the best future veterinarian that I can be. I would tell Canadians that this program focuses on veterinary skills from day one. They combine practicals skills and theory which is a great method to allow students to fully understand and appreciate both. I would also tell them that in going to the University of Melbourne for DVM I am fortunate enough to do more dissections, surgeries, techniques etc. than I would attending other DVM programs, allowing me to perfect these skills prior to starting my veterinary career.”

“I am in love with my program as we are one big family. It is so personal in comparison to my undergraduate degree where the few individuals I met in my program were through labs and I did not see them outside of school. In contrast, my fellow students in Vet Med are my support group and my best friends. We help each other study and get through the hard times. The University has organized our various groups (practicals, case studies, labs, mentor groups…) so that we are a mix of international students and locals. This way I can relate to people living so far from home but also get to know the Australians and know the area much better. I would tell other Canadians how practical the course is in comparison to other Veterinary Schools. After our first week, we were administering oral medication to dogs and sheep. We have also been exposed to horses and sheep and taught how to listen to their gut sounds in order to determine if there are any abnormalities present. Furthermore, we have 12 weeks of placement to complete, which the University has hundreds of enterprises on record that are willing to take students, some of which provide accommodation. During welcome week, the University went above and beyond catering to International students. We had dinner with the dean and a trip to the Zoo just to name a few events. Each event had students from upper years to guide us around the city and to talk to about their previous experience as first years and what to expect.”

“I love having the opportunity to travel and experience another country while studying and completing my life long dream of becoming a veterinarian. I have a great group of friends, other international students and Australians that make my experience amazing! I love University of Melbourne. The professors make every effort they can to get to know the students. They are very approachable and want you to succeed. My program is very intense but I like the way everything is integrated. I would tell other Canadians if they have the opportunity to study in Australia to take it! I have loved every minute of it. Melbourne is an amazing city, very clean and the people are friendly. Australia is a lot like Canada and very easy to get around. University of Melbourne is amazing and I am still in shock at the fact the DVM faculty involves themselves with the students. It makes learning much easier when the professors are mentors that are there for you every step of the way. ”

“I love my uni and my program because I’ve always dreamed about going to DVM at University of Melbourne! I love how friendly people are here. I love the city of Melbourne because there’s always something to do and somewhere to go. I love that I see cafes everywhere and that I can get very good coffee on my way to school. I love Queen Victoria Market which is only 2min walk from where I live! Every day is like a festival there. I like the staff and professors here. I feel very lucky to be taught things I never knew by intelligent professors every day. I have worked very hard in Canadian university, but I work even harder here. I need to try to be on top of everything every day or else it would be really hard to catch up in last two days before the quizzes. I don’t think I could work this hard if it was for something I was not sure I want to do. I have wanted to get into this program and so I feel very lucky and it’s my pleasure to be here. So I recommend that you get into the right program for you and that you can do your best for it.”

University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program

Program title: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Semester intake: Late February/early March
Program duration: 4 years
Application deadline: December 5, 2019

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