Introducing the OzTREKK Physiotherapy Eligibility Pre-assessment form

6 April 2020

If you are thinking about going into physiotherapy, but not sure if you’re on the right track with your studies, you can have them pre-assessed by OzTREKK’s knowledgeable Rehab Sciences team. They have worked closely with our Australian university partners to determine exactly which prerequisite courses you’ll need to complete in order to be eligible to apply and succeed!

australian physiotherapy schools
Are you wondering about applying to a physiotherapy program? Find out if you’re eligible!

You don’t need to apply. Get your university schedule, open up the form and answer the questions as they appear. You’ll be asked to answer questions about which courses you’ve taken, their course codes and titles, and the name of the institution where you’ve taken them.

In the case of anatomy and physiology courses, you’ll need to provide the year in which they’ve been taken, as some of our partners have specific requirements for how old your studies can be.

In the form, you’ll have access to our lists of our pre-approved prerequisites from the following Australian universities:

You can use this list to choose your future courses with confidence.

Did you know?

If you have only one semester of anatomy and one semester of physiotherapy, and a 75% GPA, you have all the prerequisites you need to apply to the Doctor of Physiotherapy program at the University of Melbourne.

Once you have submitted your form, your prerequisite courses will be examined and cross-referenced with our pre-approved lists to determine to which of our 7 programs you can apply. You will also receive a list of all required pre-reqs for all of our partners’ postgraduate physiotherapy programs to help you make decisions about what courses you might consider taking in the future.

Come kick the tires and see if you have a chance to explore a little more of the world and get a world-class education at the same time. You could come away with a valuable tool to help build your future success!


Do you have questions about Australian physiotherapy schools? Contact OzTREKK’s Physiotherapy Admissions Officer at for more information, and to see if studying in Australia is right for you!