New Master of Health Security at the University of Sydney

19 May 2015

New for 2016, the Master of Health Security at the University of Sydney offers an intellectually rigorous and flexible multidisciplinary program of study and research in the field of health security.

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Based in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, students can tailor their tertiary experience by drawing upon the expertise of a number of schools and faculties at the university:

“This new degree programme is a bold new multidisciplinary initiative from the University of Sydney to train an entirely new generation of professionals that can deal effectively with the multifaceted physical, social, and economic consequences that inevitably arise from adverse health events in the human, plant and animal world,” said Program Director Dr Adam Kamradt-Scott.
“We’ve seen how the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa has become not only a global public health hazard, but how it is having global trade implications in key commodities while also exacerbating poverty, ill-health and food shortages in the affected countries.
“Here in Australia we’ve also recently seen how contaminated food imports can have major consequences for human health, not to mention strain relations between trading partners.”
The Master of Health Security will prepare you for careers in human, animal and plant national health security.
The program is designed to train a new generation of professionals, policy-makers, government officials and security sector personnel to respond effectively to complex health events and the wider social and economic consequences, through coverage of

  • emerging diseases (animal, plant and human);
  • laboratory safety and regulation (biosafety);
  • biodefence;
  • quarantine and border control; and
  • agriculture and synthetic biology.

“This new degree program will give people the skills and knowledge to deal with these complex events in a globalised world, and open up a wide range of career options for individuals with health, allied health, health sciences, nursing, veterinary health, agricultural specialist, policy-making, security services, customs and border control, intelligence, and defence backgrounds,” Dr Kamradt-Scott said.
The program also provides you with an opportunity to gain advanced training to support career advancement as well as research options that provide a pathway to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in fields such as security studies, international relations, public health, veterinary health, and agriculture.
Program: Master of Health Security
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Duration: 3 years
Semester intakes: March and July
Application deadline: It is recommended that students apply a minimum of three months prior to the program’s start date.

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